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Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount

Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount #1

I do not keep a flashlight on an AR-15.  However, I found a need for a quality mount that wasn't going to break the bank due to an upcoming practical rifle course at Front Sight.  The 4 day course includes a night shoot session.  While the Harries flashlight technique works fine for handguns, I'm not a fan of it when it comes to long guns.  I needed a mount that wasn't going to let my SureFire 6P LED light fall off the rifle but at the same time, it was going to see limited use and so I wasn't looking to spend a small fortune on the mount.

After doing some searching on the various gun forums, I decided to give the Daniel Defense offset flashlight mount a try.  The model # is DD-6001. 

Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount on AR-15

Daniel Defense offers two flashlight mounts.  The one I purchased uses a socket head (allen) screw to secure the mount to the rail.  The other model provides one with a small knob that allows for quick mounting and dismounting.  The price difference was $20 and for my use, it wasn't worth the extra expense.  After I am done with the FS course, the mount is going to see a fair amount of shelf time. 

Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount on AR-15 #2

The 6061-T6 aluminum mount weighs in at just 1.5 ounces.  The fit and finish (type 3 hard coat anodizing) are good and there are no sharp edges for an impromptu blood sample. 

The flashlight mount is designed to work in conjunction with a vertical foregrip.  The flashlight is positioned such at you use your thumb to control the on/off switch on the light's end cap.  It can be positioned on either rail so as to facilitate right or left handed shooters. 

One of the criticisms I found while researching the mount was that it is spaced from the rail just a bit too far for some folks.  I'll agree that it would be a little easier if it were closer to the rail but I don't see it as a deal breaker for my using it. 

Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount on AR-15 #3

Four screws secure the flashlight in the mount.  The mount is designed to accommodate a SureFire flashlight or any other light with the same 1" body diameter.  I like the fact that no replacement switch and cord is required for regluar operation making less things to fail and/or get snagged on something.  

For now, it has only seen some dry practice use in the backyard and the hallway.  When I return from Front Sight, I'll do an update to this review and include my comments on how it worked on the range.




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