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Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Rail

Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Rail #2

Four screws secure both halves of the Omega 7.0 rail.  I was impressed at how well (think really close tolerances) the upper and lower rails fit together.  While assembling the two halves, be sure to properly align the rails over the barrel nut.  Once the two halves were mated together, the 4 screws were installed.

Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Rail #3

As you are tightening the four screws, make note of the alignment between the Omega 7.0 rail and the AR's rail on the upper.  You can rotate the rail ever so slightly so as to perfectly align to the two rail segments as shown in the above photo. 

Whereas the Troy rail was essentially square, the Daniel Defense rail is oval shaped.  It is not as wide as it is tall.  While I never really gave it much thought, the Omega 7.0 feels notably different in my hand.  I like the feel and would rate it better than the Troy BattleRail. 

Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Rail #4

There are four small Allen screws that engage the barrel nut and put tension on it.  Tighten the top two screws first (you don't have to make them super tight or anything).  When you do, you'll notice that this causes the rail to tilt slightly upwards.  Now, tighten the two lower screws....this will cause the rail to pull back down.  Adjusting the tension on the four screws will easily position/align the rail.  Note that the front of the rail does not engage the front sight base as the factory handguard normally would. 

Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Rail #5

Once the four Allen screws are finished, that is it, except for pressing on the rail ladders.  Since I often times run a GripPod at the very front of the bottom rail, I leave that section void of ladder material. 

Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Rail on a M&P15 OR

The Omega 7.0 provides an integral pair of QD sling swivel mounts with limited rotation.  The are located at the rear of the rail on both the left and right sides.  

The fit and finish on the Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 rail is second to none, in my opinion.  I look forward to years of service from it.  I'll try to remember and report back how it is holding up as time goes on and I get more range time with it.

Update:  01/01/2014
It's been a couple of years since the Omega 7.0 was installed.  It has performed flawlessly during its many, many trips to the range.  I've yet to have to snug down the mounting hardware, which says something as far as I'm concerned.  Using it with the GripPod has not created any concerns either.  And I do like the QD sling swivel mounts on the side.  When paired with my VTAC sling, it makes for an easy one handed sling adjustment and allows the rifle to ride comfortably across my body.  It's a keeper for sure!





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