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Eagle Arms EA-15 Rifle
and Millet DMS-1 Scope Review

Eagle Arms EA-15 on a rifle rest

To help ensure my best performance at the trigger, I opted to use my M&P Fabrication Rifleman's Rest.  I've been using this rest for a couple of years now and have really enjoyed it.  It is easy to adjust and has worked very well with all of my rifles.  I've used it for scope setup and/or load development for my Rem 788, Savage 10 FCP, FNH FNAR, M&P 15, M&P 15-22, and a few others, such as my FNH SLP Mk1 shotgun when I was setting up my EOTech XPS2


Group 1 - 5 shots, 1.09 MOA

This 5 shot group measured .57"", or 1.09 MOA, and was shot at 50 yards using the Fiocchi 55 gr FMJ boat tail cartridges.  (The holes marked with black magic marker were shot while adjusting windage and elevation on the optic.)  For factory plinking ammo, I was completely satisfied with these results.   This was shot with the DMS-1 set to 4x power.  I had a nice sight picture with the reticle's black dot easily centered within the 1" orange dot.


Group 2 - 5 shots, 0.38 MOA

This 5 shot group was also shot with the Fiocchi 55 gr FMJ boat tail ammo but at 25 yards.  This 5 shot group measured .20", or 0.38 MOA.  The DMS-1 was set on 4x power.  Note the impact point of the bullets are about 1 2/3" below the bullseye.  With the 50 yard zero of this rifle, shortening the distance to the target will cause the bullets to impact below the point of aim (POA).  How low depends on the relationship of the height of the optic's center line to the rifle's bore.  Shooting close quarter shots for accuracy (think head shot) requires the shooter to compensate for this point of impact (POI) shift.  At 15 yards, this POI offset becomes even more apparent.  None the less, all 5 shots of the Fiocchi ammo share a ragged hole. 


Group 3 - 5 shots, 2.15 MOA

This 5 shot group measured 1.13", or 2.15 MOA, and was shot at 50 yards using the 69 gr Match Prvi Partizan ammo.  This was shot with the DMS-1 set to 4x power.  While a single group does not provide enough data for making a decision, it would seem that the EA-15 does not like the heavier bullet and/or it doesn't like the Prvi Partizan ammo.  More rounds would need to be put down range before that is known, using some 55 gr Prvi Partizan ammo at the very least along with some more of the 69 gr Match ammo.  However, I'm seeing enough here to decide that I won't be shooting any more of this match ammo (think expensive) through my EA-15.  A take away from this 5 shot string....just because it says "match" on the ammo box doesn't mean it is going to shoot better than any other ammo in your particular rifle.

Group 4 - 5 shots, 2.29 MOA

This 5 shot group measured 1.20", or 2.29 MOA, and was shot at 50 yards using the Herter's 62 gr HP steel cased ammo.  This was shot with the DMS-1 set to 4x power.  Hmmm.....not too much difference than the previous group, shot with the Partizan ammo.  I expected the Russian loaded ammo to come in at around 3 MOA or maybe even as much as 4 MOA, so when it shows up in the lower 2 MOA area, I was very satisfied with the results.  Again, this is but one group, so one still needs some more data (think repeatability) before finalizing the performance results.  For now, I'll take this as it is more than adequate for conducting drills from close contact out to 100 yards (or further depending on what the practice drill is).

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