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Accu-Riser Molded Cheek Pad

When I bought my FNH SLP Mark 1 shotgun, the fit was great.  Using the factory sights, I had a great check weld when quickly shouldering the gun.  After adding the EOTech XPS2 holographic sight, I lost that great check weld due to the increased mounting height of the optic.  It sits a fair bit higher than the factory sight.  I knew that in order to optimize my performance with the Mark 1, I needed to extend the comb on the shotgun and regain my cheek weld.  Since I was heading to Front Sight in about 9 days, I really wanted to get this issue resolved.  I checked Cabela's web site and found what I hoped would do the job.  The local store didn't have it in stock so I ordered it (free shipping when you pick up the package at the store).  Five days later, I got an e-mail telling me to stop by the store and pick it up. 

Accu-Riser #1

I ended up ordering the CR4000S "Accu-riser" molded cheek pad, made by The Leatherman company.  Cabela's sells it for just under $28.  Since I was purchasing this "cheek riser" having never seen it, I relied heavily on the customer feedback for this item and several others that Cabela's had on their web site while making my decision.

The Accu-Riser is not a cushioning kind of pad.  If you are looking for something to take the bite out of an ill handling shotgun, this will not make you a happy customer.  This wasn't an issue for me as I wasn't looking for a pad to protect my cheek, I was looking to get back my cheek weld by raising the comb of my stock for use with the EOTech sight.

The Accu-Riser is attached to the straight comb stock by double sided tape and a 2" wide Velcro strap.  I was very satisfied with the fit on my Mark 1 stock.  I don't think an off the shelf product could fit the stock any better.  The double sided tape is used to help prevent the pad from sliding fore and aft. 

Accu-Riser on FNH SLO Mk1 shotgun stock

I trimmed some of the Velcro strap away to clean up the installation.  There was more than enough strap to secure the pad in position.  It seems to stay positioned very well.  The strap is tight up against the pistol grip and it doesn't look like it going anywhere soon. 

While it was not necessary, the instructions that come with the Accu-Riser states it can be put on a belt sander to remove some of the material if necessary, for a better fit.  It seems to be a very dense rubber and I can see where a belt sander would probably work OK.  The instructions go on to say that one can sand it with a sanding block to finish it. 

The company makes another model that is made for a permanent mount, using a couple of supplied screws.  While this may work satisfactorily on a wooden stock, I don't see it being a good option for my polymer stock which is more air than polymer. 

Accu-Riser on FNH SLO Mk1 shotgun - full view

Here is a pic of the FNH SLP Mark 1 with its newly installed Accu-Riser cheek pad.  With the EOTech turned on, I close my eyes and mount the shotgun to my shoulder, putting it right into my shoulder pocket and establishing a good cheek weld.  Without any movement of my head, I open my eyes and find the reticle perfectly centered in the EOTech's display.  It can't get any better than that. 

I'll post an update once I get back from Front Sight.  Two full days in the skill builder class will reveal any weak links that the Accu-Riser may harbor. 

Update:  11/20/2010

The trip to Front Sight has come and gone.....and I completely forgot to provide an update until today (my bad). 

This combination worked perfectly!  I can't think of a way to make it any better than it was.  The Accu-Riser stayed put, never moved, and did exactly what it was suppose to do.  Along with that, the FNH SLP Mark1 ran like a champ.  With the EOTech on it, the steel targets were too easy to hit.  This combo turned a few heads including those of several instructors.  I let one of them give it a try and when he was done dumping the rounds down range, he had a grin from ear to ear. 

Did I mentioned I earned a DG (Distinguished Graduate) for the course?  I shot 3 points off of a perfect score!  I drifted one of the 50 yard timed slug shots out of the 5 point scoring zone and into the 2 point area.  The rest of the course of fire went perfectly as did all of the reloads and malfunction drills. 

Next on the schedule will be Front Sight's 4 day advanced tactical shotgun course.  My range buddy, Gary, will be joining me for that trip too as he racked up a DG with his Winchester SX2 shotgun.




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