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FNH SLP Mark 1 / Winchester SX2 Tactical Stock

To understand this project, you need to know a little bit of the history that lead up to it.  I had picked up a FNH SLP Mark 1 shotgun several months ago.  My plan was to use it for an upcoming tactical shotgun course at Front Sight.  I had been using my Benelli SuperNova and was looking forward to using the SLP Mark 1.  After the first trip to the local range where I got some trigger time on the SLP Mark 1, I knew I had made the right decision. 

As luck would have it, I find out AFTER purchasing my SLP that a local Jeeper had a gently used Winchester SX2 for sale....at  significantly less than what I paid for my SLP.  The Winchester SX2 is the FNH SLP Mark 1 manufactured under a different label.  Given that both are owned by the same parent company, there is very little difference between them. Both companies share a common parts department.  So, not letting a good deal go to waste, I got hold of my range buddy to see if he was interested.  He was.  After some e-mail exchanges and a phone call or two, we all met at the Cabela's parking lot and Gary was the new owner of the SX2.  Now we both had a semi-auto for the Front Sight course. 

OK.....why this long explanation?  Gary is a pistol grip stock kind of guy when it comes to his shotgun.  His Benelli SuperNova has the pistol grip tactical stock on it.  On the other hand, I'm happy with the conventional shotgun stock.  Gary checked with FNH only to discover that the long awaited pistol grip stock for the SLP Tactical wasn't going to be available for quite some time.  While looking for more info on-line, I stumbled across a 5 year old thread in a shotgun forum where the poster made the following statement....."With a file, sandpaper, epoxy paste, and some free time, a Remington 1100 pistol grip stock can be modified to fit a Winchester SX2."  That was it....that was the all the info there was. 

I got in touch with Gary and he started doing some online research.  He found that he could get an ATI pistol grip stock for the Remington 1100 for about $40.  For a project whose outcome was essentially vague at best, that wasn't too bad of a price.  I clipped the following text from an on-line ad for the ATI stock.....

"New from ATI - Pistol Grip Buttstock for the Remington 1100 Semi-Automatic 12-gauge shotgun. This full length stock features a slim, ergonomically designed, textured pistol grip for maximum control, a 1 inch recoil pad, and sling swivel stud. It is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. of matte black, glass-filled nylon, making it weatherproof, scratch proof, and virtually indestructible. The pistol grip features a non-slip pebble grained surface and finger grooves to enhance comfort. It is backed by Advanced Technology, Inc�s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty."


Winchester SX2 factory stock

Here is Gary's Winchester SX2 with the factory stock.  It is a typical black polymer stock with a swivel stud.

 Winchester SX2 with modified ATI Remington 1100/11-87 pistol grip stock

Here is Gary's Winchester SX2 with the modified ATI Remington 1100/11-87 pistol grip stock installed.  I'm not sure that ATI's lifetime guarantee will be honored in this specific case, but I'm pretty sure Gary is not too worried about it.  As he told me, if ATI would just make a different adapter, they could most likely use the pistol grip stock component, as is for our shotguns. 

I've included Gary's two page write-up that outlines what he did to convert the stock to his Winchester SX2.  If you aren't comfortable doing this kind of work, don't.  If you are, I believe there is enough info provided in the PDF file.  Look at it this way.....it's a heck of a lot more than what Gary had when he started.  Someday, if I decide to put a pistol grip stock on my SLP Mark 1, I'll use this same idea unless there is one available from the aftermarket parts arena.  And even if there is, that $40 price is still pretty good motivation to roll your own.





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