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FNH SLP Mark 1

FNH SLP Mark 1 recoil pad

The stock and forearm on the SLP Mark 1 is made from a matte black synthetic material.  The fit and finish is very good, in my opinion.  The forearm and grip have a checkered gripping panels that are not too aggressive but yet provide for good weapon control.  The recoil pad, couple with the gas system, does a nice job in reducing felt recoil.  When you put a couple hundred rounds down range during a practice session, manageable recoil is very much desired. 

Both the stock and forearm have swivel studs for mounting a conventional sling.  A nice touch, I thought, was that FNH included a pair of sling swivels.  It would have been even better had they included the sling, but hey, I'm not complaining, OK!!!  I had a very plain black canvas sling in the spare parts drawer that works just fine.  The front swivel stud is intended to rotate in use.  The stud on the sock does not. 

FNH SLP Mark 1 choke

The Mark 1's 22" barrel has a hard-chromed bore and chamber and comes threaded for standard Invector interchangeable choke tubes.  Two choke tubes are included, one for IC and and one for Modified.  A multi-gauge choke wrench is also supplied.  The tubes are rated for steel shot.  Accessory sporting barrels from FNH are also available making this a more versatile and cost effective investment. 

In the above photo, you'll notice the end of the magazine tube.  The factory magazine holds 8 rounds.  You can also ghost a round on the shell elevator and put one in the chamber.  This gives you 10 rounds of 00 buckshot or slugs for handling your business before the bolt locks open on an empty gun.  If you are still up to your ears in the problem at that point in time, you may need to rethink your game plan (ie., it may not be working very well). 

FNH SLP Mark 1 receiver #2

One thing I really like about the Mark 1, compared to my SuperNova, is the position of the safety.  FNH locates the safety at the rear of the SLP's trigger guard.  On my SuperNova, it is located at the front of the trigger guard....and as most folks know the SuperNova's trigger guard is good sized.  The FNH folks have also made it easy to flip the safety for left handed shooters.  No custom jobs, no extra parts.....everything needed is right there.  The info can be easily found on the internet by using one of popular search engines.  FNH does not provide, in the owner's manual, the steps necessary to change the safety

The bolt release is located on the side of the receiver near the forward end of the ejection port.  I'm looking for an oversized release button.  I found some forum threads that mentioned a company that made them but I couldn't find anything once I got to that company's web site.  Will have to do some more digging and see what I come up with.

According to Benelli, my SuperNova weighs in at 7.2 pounds and is 40" long.  FNH specs the SLP Mark 1 at 8.2 pounds and 43" in length.  As I shoulder each shotgun, pointed in on target, it's not too hard to detect the additional weight of the Mark 1....and that weight is forward of the receiver.  It makes sense since the barrel is 4" longer than the SuperNova and likewise, so is the magazine.  HOWEVER, when I am on the range and pulling the trigger, that additional weight up forward does reduce muzzle rise when you are hot on engaging multiple targets in the shortest time possible.  I guess I'll just have to build some more upper body strength.  <grin>

3 Gun Gear Slide Lock Two Pack on a FNH SLP Mark 1

You may have noticed in prior photos something wrapped around the forearm just in front of the receiver.  Since the magazine holds 8 rounds of 2 3/4" shells, my priority for a side saddle is pretty low.  However, the select slug drills, emergency reload, and load one/shoot one drills at Front Sight are great reasons to have a side saddle.  Since I've ran one on my SuperNova almost since day one, my first trip to the range with my Mark 1 had me wanting for something that would put a couple of rounds in the right place to keep loading time and motion to a minimum. 

A little bit of time on the internet had me on the Dillon Precision web site looking at the "3 Gun Gear Slide Lock Two Pack".  It is mainly held in place by a large piece of adhesive backed Velcro.  To ensure it doesn't move around, two Velcro retaining straps wrap around the forearm to keep it securely in place.  I noticed that photos showing the 3 gun competitors have it mounted on the ejection port side of the receiver.  I am so use to fetching a round from my SuperNova's side saddle, it seemed very natural to mount it on the weak side.  It just went on a couple of days ago and with luck, I'll try it at the range in a day or two.  If it doesn't work out there, I'll swap it over to the other side and see how I like it there. 

One last thing.....the SLP Mark 1 comes in a hard plastic case.  OK, I'll admit, it isn't the best case available, but it is a case none the less.  It sure does beat taking it to the range in a cardboard box.  All in all, one can't really complain about the extras that came with the gun. 

I haven't made up my mind yet regarding the EOTech sight.  Some more range time will help with that decision.  As always, I'll add updates to this review further down the road. 

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