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Front Sight Advanced Tactical Shotgun Course
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Eddi doing an emergency reload

We had one lady in the class, Eddi.  She ran a 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun during the course.  Here she is doing an emergency reload from behind cover, early in the course.  As the sessions wore on, we all worked on not hugging cover as we moved from one location to another, shooting and moving and reloading.  It was a struggle for most of us but near the end, we were all improving. 

Stu shooting through a barrel

We ran a number of drills on the range that required shooting from various positions one might not usually find one's self in.  Being short (yeah, that's me) has its advantages every once in a while. 

shooting through holes

In this drill, a shape was called out by the instructor as the shooter moved from column to the next  column.  With Eddi and I being the two shortest shooters in the class, we both had to stand on tip-toe to sight through the upper row of shapes.  This would be one of those instances were being short certainly wasn't an advantage. 

Stu shooting through another barrel

At least I didn't have to stand on my tip-toes for this shot.  With these barrels at different heights, the drill was to start at one of the barrels and then shoot your way down range, about 25 yards, while using available cover and concealment.  On or about the 15 yard line, a pair of steel poppers were positioned and the goal was to eliminate them while moving down range.  After the poppers, the steel targets on the berm were fair game after a quick handgun transition.  Shooting while moving was stressed over and over in every drill and scenario we ran.

tactical reload

Rich, an instructor and ex-LEO, provides some input while a tactical reload is underway.  Did I mention that there were lots of nice shotguns attending this course?  <grin>  I believe three of us were running EOTechs.....a few had Aimpoints.....and there were some of the other red dot optics too.

handgun transition

As I mentioned earlier, we used the handgun a fair amount.  The 4 day Defensive Handgun course specs 600 rounds of ammo for the course.  I shot just under half of that during this course, which is a shotgun course.  The handgun is heavily integrated into this course.  I burned roughly 750 rounds of shotgun shells over the 4 days (bird, buck, and slugs).  If you are looking to shoot, then ATS is the class you want to be in.


Gary, my range buddy for the past years at Front Sight, poses for a pic.  Gary got me started some 5 years ago at Front Sight when he invited me and about 36 other co-workers to his birthday party at Front Sight.  We practice together here in the Phoenix area too.  Gary is running a Winchester SX2, the same design as my FNH SLP, with an Aimpoint red dot optic.  He installed the pistol grip stock on it himself. 

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