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Front Sight 4 Day Defensive Handgun Course #10

As I've mentioned several times before, the instructors were always present to help with problems (stance, grip, trigger control, etc.) as well as ensuring that the range was always safe.  I am very proud of the folks in my class as they demonstrated very safe gun handling practices.  I would not hesitate to share a range with them again.  Our instructors provided us with a great balance of "fun and business".  By this, I mean that they would offer a joke when appropriate to help release tension and stress but at the same time, it was no-nonsense time when we were on the firing line....and that is the way it needs to be.  Being an 8 year Navy veteran from many years ago, I was also pleased to see that Front Sight wasn't someone's idea of boot camp or basic training all over again.  Thank you very much! 

During the morning of day #4, amidst the timed fire drills (getting ready for the afternoon's skills test), AJ slowed the pace down and we did a "ragged hole" drill.  We spent 10 minutes reviewing proper site picture and trigger control and then returned to the firing line to find two small squares spray painted onto our targets.  The objective.....from the 5 meter line, put five shots (untimed) into the little square box.  Simple enough....

Front Sight 4 Day Defensive Handgun Course #11

The ragged hole drill was the only time I recall that the instructors (in FS gray shirts) stepped up to the line and shot with the students.  AJ managed relay #1 and then turned the line over to one of the other instructors and took his turn when relay #2 shot.  The instructors were nearly impossible to beat as they took their time to properly place all the shots within the black square.

1" ragged hole drill with .45ACP

OK....this is where I get to brag a bit.  Duane (a competition shooter that was in our class), cut out my black square and told me I had better laminate it and attach it to my course certificate.  YEP....I was the guy to beat in the ragged hole drill.  AJ put 4 in the black and let one drift out of bounds, so to speak.  Dave, one of our instructors, looked at AJ when he had finished and said "Not good enough....Stu is the one to beat this time."   So I walked away from that one with bragging rights! 

The afternoon finally came and it was time for the skills test.  I did well but not quite as good as I wanted.  I came up exactly 5 points short for graduating the class.  Five points is one missed thoracic cavity shot....which is exactly what I did at the 3 meter line.....I didn't get off my 2nd shot within the allotted 1.8 seconds and that cost me.  There were other shots that didn't place as good as they could have and those too would have made up the difference.  I lost a total of 6 points during the reloading and weapon malfunction portion of the test (two overtimes).  Had I been just a bit quicker on my Type III malfunction, I wouldn't have dropped those 6 points.  But I am OK with that....I'll get it, and perhaps a distinguished graduate on the next time.

Dr. Piazza, the founder of Front Sight, says that upon completion of this course, your defensive handgun skills will be better than 99% of those people that own a handgun.  When I first heard that, I'll admit that I had my doubts.  Now that I've been to Front Sight and completed their 4 day defensive hand gun course, I don't doubt it any longer.   I've been shooting firearms since age 6 (some 45+ years).....and after having attended Front Sight, I can say that I truly did not know what I did not know. 

I look forward to attending another course at Front Sight.  If you carry concealed, you owe it to yourself to take the 4 day defensive handgun class.  If you don't carry concealed, you owe it to yourself to take the 4 day defensive handgun class.  I am so glad I did.

Did I mention you really need to take Front Sight's 4 Day Defensive Handgun class? 





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