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Front Sight Defensive Handgun Course #7

Here is Gary (center) and Eric (right) discussing something during a lull in the practice.  Eric is another Phoenix area Front Sight member that often coordinates his trips with ours.  Will, the gentleman on the left, got his DG during this course too. 

Front Sight Defensive Handgun Course #8

Another pic of Gary up on the line.  Gary and I are both shooting Springfield XD9s.  Gary acquired his XD9 and XD45 in the opposite order that I did.  He picked up his XD9 first and got his XD45 later on when he found a good deal on one.  The first time Gary and I shot together at FS, I was shooting my XD45 compact and he was shooting his Kimber 1911.  I carry my XD45c and do a bit of practice with it as well.  Switching between the two is hardly noticeable which is one of the reasons I picked up the XD9.

Front Sight Defensive Handgun Course #6

A strategically located rock allowed me to gain a little altitude and get a better shot of Gary practicing.  We put our name on the back of our hat or vest so the instructors can easily tell who is who at the line.  Besides that, being called by name is a lot better than "Hey you with the poor trigger control". 

Front Sight Defensive Handgun Course #7

Gary took a few photos at the skill builder class too.  He caught me here on the line at some point during the 2nd day since I have my shooting vest on (drawing from concealed holster). 

We also spent some time becoming familiar with NPOA (natural point of aim).  To borrow the definition from Wikipedia, NPOA is "a shooting skill where the shooter minimizes the effects of body movement on the firearm's impact point. Along with proper stance, sight picture and trigger control, it forms the basis of marksmanship."

While NPOA may be more commonly associated with rifle shooting, it has its place in handgun shooting as well.  Once you are very familiar with your handgun and your consistently NOT having problems with your grip, thumbs, elbow position, etc., NPOA will allow you to put a controlled pair into the thoracic cavity from 5 yards with your eyes closed.  I had to chuckle a bit when we were working on this method and our instructor stated that this is the only time he wants to see anyone shooting with their eyes closed.  Without a doubt, we are a visually oriented creature and so rely heavily on our eyes to properly direct our shots.  But not having NPOA mastered makes it more difficult than it needs to be and prevents you from performing at the level you are capable of.

Front Sight Defensive Handgun Course #9 

Whether on break or listening to the instructor's lecture, you are always thumbing rounds into your magazines....and Gary caught me doing that.  I kept four 16 round mags quite busy in my XD9 during the course.  Ammo management was stressed....not as in how many rounds did you shoot, but rather when you holster the pistol, how many rounds are left in the magazine.  Topping off with a fresh magazine (tactical reload) was the norm because the next course of fire may not start with the "Firing Drill" command which allows you time to perform a magazine check and asses your ammo situation. 

If you haven't been to Front Sight and you own a handgun, you need to take at least the 4 day defensive handgun course.  There are more courses for later on training too.  They provide quality instruction at a very nice facility.  I became a member after my first course and have since upgraded my membership when Front Sight made an offer that was too good to pass up.  Buying a handgun, a box of bullets, and 30 minutes at the local indoor shooting range does NOT provide you with the physical or mental skills needed to properly defend yourself and your family.  If you don't believe me, take the 4 day defensive handgun course at Front Sight and prove me wrong.  Hope to see you there.  If you are interested, drop me an e-mail.  I don't own the place....I'm just a very satisfied student. 





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