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Mini Gun Vault



A photo of an Springfield Armory XD45 and a tactical flashlight to give you an idea of the space available.  There is probably room for another pistol but I would recommend getting the next larger sized vault if you wanted to store more than one handgun.


Here is a better one.  With 10+1 rounds loaded in the XD and a 13 round hi-capacity magazine, that gives you a half a box of ammo to go along with your tac-light lit night time adventures.  Did I mention that you are better off staying put in the room, find cover, and dial 911? 


The bottom of the gun vault comes pre-drilled for mounting.  I had to chuckle a bit.....the owner's manual emphasizes that a minimum of three screws are required for mounting.  Of course, they supplied just three screws.  Guess I'll have to visit the local hardware store and pick up a couple more.

For the money, I believe the Gun Vault is a viable solution to securing a firearm and yet allow for quick access, even in a low/no light situation.  Take some time to practice unlocking the door once you have it mounted.  Better yet, make certain the place you intend to mount it allows for easy access to the keypad and door opening. 




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