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Herter's .45 ACP Aluminum Case Ammunition

bullet with nylon jacket removed

I peeled the nylon jacket from the 230 gr bullet.  It measured .005" thick. The nylon seems to be bonded to the lead bullet fairly well.  It wasn't as easy to remove as I assumed it would be.  I was not able to recover any of the spent rounds at the range.  (Members are not allowed to dig in the berms).


best group from .45ACP Heter's ammo

I fired four 10 shot groups over the chronograph at a 1.5" target at 10 yds from the bench.  The above target was the best of the 4 strings I shot, with this one having 7 shots sharing the same hole.  Disclaimer.....I wear bifocals but not when I shoot....then I wear non-prescription shooting glasses.  So far I feel that I'm doing OK without the need for prescription lenses for my shooting.  That may eventually change....time will tell.  Here is the data from my chronograph.

10 Shot String Velocity FPS Standard Deviation FPS Extreme Spread Group Size
1 810 15.1 53.9 2.86"
2 807 9.3 33.2 2.80"
3 798 6.2 22.1 1.83"
4 800 9.0 24.3 3.48"
Blazer Brass* 804 10.7 36.7 2.74"
*10 rounds shot as a benchmark reference


I also shot 10 rounds of Blazer Brass .45ACP ammo, as a reference to compare the Herter's ammo against.  They are made by the same company.  As you can see, the velocity was quite consistent and when compared to the string shot with Blazer Brass, very much the same.  I looked back through my range log and found an entry for 230 gr FMJ military ammo manufactured in the 1978.  I clocked that at 804 FPS out of my XD45 compact just a couple of years ago.  Any doubts about storing ammo for 30+ years?

I had no problems with the aluminum cased rounds I shot at the range....no failures to feed or extraction issues.  My XD45c has been reliable since day one and using this nylon jacketed ammo did not change that fact.  Based on the same results shooting the 9mm ammo earlier this year, I would recommend this select grade Heter's ammo to anyone who is looking to reduce the impact to their factory practice ammo budget. 

I was asked a good question on one of the gun forums from a user who had read this review.  He wanted to know if there was any nylon fouling in the barrel.  None.  While the 40 rounds I shot during this evaluation might not be a large enough sample by which to spot a fouling issue, I did put 600 rounds of this nylon jacketed ammo through my XD9 during a 4 day handgun course.  No fouling there either.  As far as I am concerned, there is no issue with the barrel loading up with nylon.  I wish my shotgun was this good....wad fouling in it is a completely different issue. 




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