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Herter's 9mm Aluminum Case Ammunition


Last on the list to shoot the 115 gr Herter's aluminum case ammo was my XD9 service.  It is the heaviest 9mm pistol I use at 28 ounces.  The double stack magazine holds 16 rounds and the barrel measures 4" in length.  It too has a PRP trigger kit, albeit it is one of the earlier versions that uses the over travel stop component.   It has seen a lot of practice sessions as well as time at the training courses and has been totally reliable when ever called upon.



The 10 rounds from the XD9 service did OK, in my opinion.  The average velocity of the Herter's aluminum case 115 gr round yielded the fastest velocity of the evaluation session at 1195 FPS and a standard deviation of 16.7 FPS.  Compared to my regular practice reloads which run 1152 FPS out of the this pistol, this group size was virtually the same as what I shoot during regular practice.  In regards to velocity, 115 gr Winchester White Box hits 1202 FPS on my chronograph when shot from this pistol. 

In summary, I found the Herter's 9mm 115 gr nylon coated ammunition to be on par with other 9mm brands I've taken to a training class.  In the past, I've used Blazer brass, S&B, and Winchester White Box.  I see many folks shooting the White Box at the range and it is commonly mentioned in forum threads....to the point it is somewhat of a default benchmark, in my opinion.  With the nylon clad bullet hitting within 7 FPS of the White Box ammo, it doesn't get much closer than that.  You won't be giving up anything in performance from what I can see.  And for me, leaving those empty aluminum cases on the ground at the training facility works well for me.  Besides, why would I pay a dollar or two more per box for brass case ammo and then have to leave it where it landed? 

If you see some of this nylon clad Herter's on the shelf and the price is right, get it.  You won't be disappointed.  Happy shooting!




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