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Slide Guard for the Kahr PM9
by High Noon Holsters

I've never bought a holster where you have to wait in line until your order comes up and the holster maker produces your long waited holster with all of the options you requested.  I never thought they were worth it, etc. and so was satisfied with off the shelf models.  It wasn't until I bought my Kahr PM9 that I decided to give it a try and order the holster I wanted.

I spent some time browsing several of the Kahr PM9 related forums.  I found a handful of links concerning holster makers where the forum users had made very good comments.  I spent some more time comparing various models and options, as best I could, and then finally decided on a holster from High Noon Holsters.  I decided to give the Slide Guard model a try. 


For the holster, I opted to have it made from horsehide.  The High Noon web site has a pretty good write-up on why you may nor may not wish to have a horsehide holster.  After reading it and giving it some thought, I decided to give it a try.  You'll notice in the above photo that the magazine carrier I ordered has a different appearance than does the holster.  It is made from cowhide.  No, High Noon didn't mess up.  I decided the price for a horsehide mag carrier was a little more than I wanted to pay.  If you haven't read the write-up about using horsehide, spend a few minutes at the High Noon site

The magazine has a single tensioning device (the black screw) which appears to have ample adjustment to ensure proper retention of the PM9.  With the holster being new, I found I needed very little tension.  Tightening it to nearly the max really squeezes down on the Kahr.  No doubt I'll need to make an adjustment or two as the holster breaks in but I don't foresee a problem in obtaining the necessary adjustment. 

The mag carrier has two tensioning points and it too seems to hold the magazine securely without the need to tighten them to the max. 


Here is the back side of the mag carrier.  It uses a single snap to attach to your belt.  I tried it on my Instructor Belt from Wilderness Tactical Products and it was a snug fit.  I do believe the carrier will loosen up a bit as it breaks in and gets some "belt time" too.  The snap is one of those that you have to pop open in a specific direction (lift the dot).  Once on the belt, any leverage on the carrier is in the opposite direction needed to allow the snap to open.  It should be pretty secure.  I hope so....having the carrier and mag drop off the belt would not be cool. 


You can see the molding that goes into the making of the Slide Guard holster.  The reason they call it the Slide Guard is due to the extra leather that extends up along the back side of the slide.  This keeps the slide off of your skin should you be wearing it beneath a t-shirt (a typical cover garment here in sunny Phoenix).  Because I wanted the slide guard protection and knew there would be times it would be beneath my t-shirt, I thought the moisture resistant properly of the horsehide was a welcomed feature.


On the left is a holster I have for a J-frame revolver.  It is made by a brand name holster company that most folks have heard of.  On the right is my Slide Guard.  Double stitching is a good thing....keeps the front and back pieces of the holster firmly together. 

So how does it feel?  I put it on and wore it for several hours for the remainder of the day.  The lightweight PM9 fit perfectly.  I wore it in the 3~4 o'clock position.  I never knew it was there.  In contrast, I had spent the better part of a day with my Springfield XD9 in the same location and while not uncomfortable, the weight reduction and size of the PM9 was very noticeable. 

I'll report back at a later date after I've accumulated some carry time with this new setup and let you know how it performs.  I also look forward to running the PM9 through its paces at the range, now that I have a suitable holster.  Time to break out the range timer and run through some of our Front Sight drills. 

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