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Slide Guard for the Kahr PM9
by High Noon Holsters

Update:  06/26/2011

As I write this, it is a few months short of two years since I wrote the first part of this High Noon holster review.  I mentioned that I would report back at a later date on the holster.  Time to make good on that promise.

Let me start by saying that since acquiring my Slide Guard holster, I haven't conceal carried any of my other handguns but two or three times.  Long story short, my Kahr PM9 and Slide Guard holster makes for one heck of a great CCW setup. 

Given that I work at a location where the security is dictated by the federal government, I am not allowed to CCW on the property nor can I leave a firearm in a vehicle.  So....with my work schedule, the I wear the holster 3 days per week (I work a 4 day schedule).  It goes everywhere I go.  I won't spend money at a business that hangs anti-gun signs at their entrance. 


Here is a photo of the Slide Guard holster and my PM9.  It has a few scrapes and scratches on it, but nothing that makes it any less the holster it was when I got it.  It has retained its shape very well.  I don't know how they get that horsehide to mold to the shape of the PM9 like that but however they do it, it sure works.


Here is a back side view of the holster.  As you can see, the Slide Guard does just what I mentioned nearly two years ago....that being keeping the PM9 and me separate from each other.  I realize it may look kind of bad, but it is just the color the holster has taken on being next to me a lot.  I wear a cover garment about 99% of the time without anything underneath it, so the holster is in fact up against my skin.  When working outside, I do admit I can work up a good sweat.  At the same time, the horsehide doesn't take on any of it.  I imagine that some saddle soap would clean it up although without asking High Noon about it, I would hesitate to do it. 


The Slide Guard holster does a great job of retaining the PM9.  I've not had to adjust the tension screw since I first put the holster on my belt.  That tells me the leather hasn't stretched which certainly is a sign of a quality product. 

That's about it.....not much more to say.  The holster works just like the folks at High Noon said it would.  I would recommend this holster to anyone that is looking for a quality holster from a company that obviously knows how to do it right the first time around.  A big thanks goes out to High Noon for eliminating the build up of lousy holsters in the bottom storage drawer.  <grin>





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