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HKS 22-R Magazine Loader

If you have a Ruger 22LR pistol, you owe it to your self $3 to make life easier.  HKS Products makes a number of magazine loaders.  I purchased their 22-R loader, for my Ruger Mark1 pistol, from Midway USA .  It has to be the best $3 I've spent on the pistol since buying it some 30 years ago.  This particular model works on both the Mark1 and Mark2 magazines (per the packaging). 


This magazine loader is quite a bit different than the UpLULA loader I use on my XD45.  If you've loaded Mark1 or 2 magazines, you know how your thumb feels after pushing that little button down to get the last 3 or 4 rounds into the magazine.  If you're doing a brick of 22LR for your plinking or target practice session, I guarantee you that you'll want one of these.


The loader can be used two different ways.  The magazine above is the original Ruger magazine that came with my Mark1.  It holds 9 rounds of 22LR.  To use the loader, slip it over the magazine and slide it down the magazine.  The small arm will flex enough to allow you to move the loader, but it will resist the tension from the spring and essentially hold the magazine's follower in place with any work on your part (as seen above).  The large thumb pad makes it easy to push the loader down (to compress the magazine spring).  When you are doing loading, just slide the loader up and off of the magazine.


This magazine was recently purchased and it too is a factory Ruger magazine.  Unlike my old Mark1 magazine, this hold 10 rounds.  The design is such that you can fully compress the button (and so the spring) and actually lock the arm of the loader on the bottom edge of the magazine (as shown above). 

So that is it.....spend $3 (actually it is less than that) at your local gun store or order it on line.  Regardless of how you get it, I promise you that it will make magazine loading a breeze.  Your thumb will thank you too!

To quote a sentence on the HKS package....."Makes loading fast, easy, and most of all, fun."




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