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2016 Spring Coyote

coyote's mouth and teeth

Donna wanted to see the teeth....and teeth he had.  It kind of makes my pit bull's choppers look 2nd rate by comparison.  Did I mention he was bleeding a lot?  When I opened the mouth, there was a lot of blood there too. 


closeup of coyote's teeth

Based on the condition of the teeth not being worn (the molars appear to be in really good shape (sharp), this was not a very old coyote.  Maybe a couple years old if I had to guess. 

We left him laying in the pasture with the intent of providing food for the resident bald eagles that nest back there. In an hour's time, there was one mature and two immature eagles flying over head, eyeballing the coyote.  They soon took a perch in several of the nearby trees, no doubt keeping a wary eye on the coyote.  Was he playing possum or was this guy really taking a dirt nap? Dark finally came but they had yet to land on the fresh kill.


immature bald eagle

I'll apologize now for the poor quality photo of this immature bald eagle.  It was taken using my Samsung cell phone (the next morning) using my 20x Bushnell spotting scope.....without the luxury of having any adapters, etc.  We have a mature pair and two young ones (above) that frequent the homestead.  As I write this, he is currently sitting in a big oak tree about 50 yds away from the coyote, having just flown over it at about 10' above the ground.  A mature blad eagle is perched in a big pine tree that has no top on it....which makes it a great place to watch from I assume.  These two have been eye balling the carcass now since yesterday.  Donna and I are wondering who is going to land first and start dining.  The only question I have is "red or white" when feasting on coyote? 





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