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2016 Fall Turkey Season

my Accuspine arrow after finding its mark on my big gobbler 

This is the CAMX Accupspine arrow with a 100 grain Slick Trick standard broadhead and Lumenock lighted nock that finished the season for me. 


closeup of Accuspine arrow with Lumenock

The nock (yellow plastic object on the end of the arrow), which can be easily removed allowing the to convert back to its previous configuration, is illuminated by a fairly bright LED.  It aids in your watching the arrow in flight during lower light conditions and also once it is on the ground, especially if it flew into tall grass.  The broadhead has replaceable .035" thick stainless steel blades so you can always ensure you have sharp blades for your hunt.  After Donna recovered my arrow and I cleaned it, I noticed the beating the blades took.  It was mostly from hitting the rocks and dirt on the ground after having blown through the turkey.  While I've not yet tried it, one can sharpen the blades for my broadheads.  At about $6 for a set of replacement blades, I'll be taking a look at sharpening them. 


CAMX Chaos 325 factory target

This is the factory target supplied by CAMX.  They mount and zero the optic prior to shipping and also verify the speed.  The Chaos 325 crossbow is designed to launch an arrow at 325 FPS.  The factory supplied target (yes, they zero it before shipping) indicated my arrows were doing 325.4 FPS.  You can see marks on each of the six bullseyes where the arrows hit (my scanner kind of folds the paper back into place).  I wrote the "20 yds" at the top of the target after I contacted CAMX to ask what distance they used during their testing.  Did I mention the bow comes with a life time warranty?  And it really is a no BS warranty (as long as you don't dry fire it, which can easily ruin any bow).

That is about it.  My first turkey hunting experience with a brand new blind and crossbow.  I'm more than happy with the results obtained from both.  And Donna doesn't have to go to the local grocery store to get a turkey for our first homestead Thanksgiving. 

You can find more information about the Ghost blind on their site.





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