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Every now and then I come across information that I find helpful.  It may help explain a point to folks that have been misled by the anti-gun groups.  It's hard for the folks that don't think they have a dog in the fight (although they do) to see through the smoke and mirror shows that the Brady Campaign, the Joyce Foundation, and the liberal media bombards them with day after day.  Sometimes the information might be more thought provoking....reminding me why the 2nd Amendment is so important.  Some of these can be easily printed and taken with you or given to friends.  I hope you find them as useful as I have.

As I add info to this page, I'll date it and put the new info near the top of the page.


In September 2008, the FBI released its crime report for 2007.  The FBI was pleased to report that our nation's violent crime rate is, to quote the Justice Department, "near a 30 year low".  Our nation's murder rate is near a 40 year low while at the same time, the number of privately owned firearms in the U.S. is at an all-time high and currently growing at about 4.5 million annually.

In 2007, the major U.S. cities with the highest murder rates were cities with severe gun control.  I really hope that doesn't surprise anyone.  Detroit (where Michigan law requires a permit to purchase a handgun and requires its registration),  Baltimore (where Maryland law prohibits private handgun sales and requires a seven day wait when purchasing from a dealer), and the District of Columbia (where in 2007 handguns were still banned and all firearms were required to be registered). 

In 2007, as it has been in years past, Right-to-Carry states had lower violent crime rates, on average, than the rest of the country.  Total violent crime in Right-to-Carry states was 24 percent lower, murder 28 percent, robbery 50 percent and aggravated assault 11 percent.




With the plethora of liberal media bombarding the US population on a daily basis, having hard concrete facts to pass on to your friends, coworkers, and neighbors isn't at all a bad thing.  Coming up with the irrefutable facts can be a challenge.  NOT TO WORRY!!!


Check out http://www.gunfacts.info/ to get those facts.  Their current publication contains 94 pages of information and is divided into chapters based on common gun control topics.  This makes it very quick and easy to debunk the disinformation the TV networks are so good at serving during the evening news. 

So download a copy of Gun Facts today and give it to your anti-gun neighbor.  They won't know how wrong they are until you help them find the truth. 



Gary, my shooting buddy, has compiled some very good info from a number of different sources into handy booklets that he prints (at his own expense) and routinely gives to folks he meets at the local range and at the Front Sight courses he attends.  Gary has agreed to share the information contained in his booklets.  He put the info into an Adobe PDF document and I've included them here for downloading.  You can click the booklet in the above photo or select from the list.

The Myth of Police Protection

Firearms Pocket Guide

Front Sight Practical Guide


Those of us that enjoy shooting and exercising our 2nd Amendment right to own firearms need to focus on what it really means.  Here is an interesting article I found on the web one day.  It is very sobering, in my opinion, and certainly is worth the read.  I never want to see anything like this happen in our nation.  No one should want the legal system to change so radically that it causes anyone who shoots an intruder in his home to have to hire a Dayton criminal defense attorney for representation in a murder trial.


Here is one that arrived one day attached to an e-mail.  At first, it was rather funny.....but once I thought about it, it really wasn't all that funny.  It too is rather sobering.  Anyway, take this quiz (a PDF document) to see how you do. 





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