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Karsten Cheek Rest

I started on remaining two holes.  When the first was complete, I again positioned the cheek rest over the stock and then inserted a mounting bolt through the hole.  This allowed me to again verify placement of the last hole to be drilled.  Did I mention that this kind of project really is one of those measure 10 times and drill just once? 



A snapshot of the stock after the last hole was completed.  With both bolts inserted, I would say they lined up quite well.  Granted, I am somewhat biased....but it still looks pretty good. 



A photo with the cheek rest installed and mounting hardware in place.  Karsten also includes a 1/8" thick piece of 6"x3" textured rubber that can be glued to the upper area of the cheek rest for improved cheek weld.  I've not attached it yet.  I thought I would give it a try, as is, and then decide. 



Here is the Savage 10FCP in all her glory.  As I write this, its been about 24 hours since the Karsten cheek rest was installed.  I've not had a chance to field test it yet, but I'm thinking tomorrow might be worth a try if I can put some hand loads together tonight. 

Thanks goes out to Karsten for a good old Made in the USA product.  I look forward to getting rid of my chin weld and going back to the much better cheek weld. 

Update:  01/04/2013

After putting several hundred rounds down range with the above configuration, I decided to try the rubber material that came with the cheek rest.  I stopped by the local drug store and picked up a small bottle of rubber cement.  This worked well and so far, the rubber shows no indication of wanting to let go.  I like the material on the cheek rest and would urge anyone else to try it.  You could also temporarily attach it with some tape and try it at the range. 





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