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LaserLyte Laser Training Target
& 9mm Laser Cartridge

LaserLyte TLB-1 Laser Target

So....since my Springfield could shoot laser beams, why not shoot at a laser target and see where the shots were going?  In my opinion, LaserLyte really hit the mark when they brought the TLB-1 Laser Target to market.  It is the perfect companion for the laser cartridge.

How does it work?  Simple.....turn the front panel power switch to ON and you are ready to go.  Load your pistol with the laser cartridge and start shooting (so to speak). 

LaserLyte TLB-1 laser target

Each time you hit the 5" diameter target, it records the location.  When you are ready to review your shots, just shoot the 1.25" Display sensor.  As shown above, your shots will be displayed on the 62 LED target matrix.  To clear the matrix and start over, shoot the Reset sensor.  Your hits will disappear and you will be  ready to make another run on the target.  I like the idea of the target not showing a hit as soon as it hits the target.  It is less distracting as you continue to put more shots on target.....and, it is more like a real range session when you are not able to see your shots until you retrieve your target.

The target is quite portable which makes this an ideal practice tool.   Measuring just 9.5"x6"x2", it can be easily taken along on a vacation trip, over to your shooting buddy's garage for some afternoon practice, or set on the table in your office or den for a 10 minute dry practice session.  LaserLyte claims 6,000 shots from the three "AA" batteries that power the unit.  For a device such as this, batteries with a reasonable life expectancy are a good alternative compared to an AC power supply.

LaserLyte laser target

To round out my new dry practice sessions, I use my range timer, a CE Pocket Pro II.  Using a random start interval, I set the par time for my baseline draw and fire time.  As I smooth out and the times shorten, I reduce the par time setting so as to challenge me a bit more.  Obviously, there is no "bang" to stop the timer.  However, it's not that hard to listen for the beep and determine if you beat the clock or not. 

LaserLyte makes two other styles of lasers that will work with the target.  I previously mentioned one of them earlier in this review.  The other model also mounts through the end of the barrel but it presents a much lower profile.  The benefit to that is it will fit a variety of calibers.  That means you could swap it between a .38 Spl or .357 Mag revolver (2" minimum barrel length) and a .40 S&W semi-auto.  If you regularly practice with revolvers, this would be the model to use. 

As I write this, I've had numerous dry fire sessions using the LaserLyte equipment.  It has met all of my expectations and I look forward to future sessions.  If you have been contemplating something to enhance your dry fire practice, at least consider the laser cartridge.  If you want your sessions to be as enjoyable as possible, spring for the laser target.  If you are anything like me, you won't regret doing it.




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