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Crimson Trace LG-411 for Ruger LCR


With the master switch turned on, the illumination of the laser is controlled by the on off switch located on the front side of the grip.  It is a simple push button.....tighten your grip, the laser illuminates, loose your grip, it goes off.  It will take some practice to reliably control it, especially under a high stress situation.  I say this because it is easier to press the button while gripping the LCR than it is to release the button while still gripping the LCR. 


The laser module is built into the left grip panel.  The arrow above points to the opening in the grip were it is located.  It should go without saying but I will, just in case some of you do not know....."Do NOT look into the laser with your remaining good eye."  The 5 mW module will use up the batteries in approximately 4 hours, per the user manual, and paints a .5" dot on the threat at 50 feet.  I've not measure it myself but that is probably pretty close to what I've seen.


The Crimson Trace aligns the laser before you get it.  The LCR's iron sights and laser should should share point of aim and point of impact at 50 feet, per the owner's manual.  Of course, one needs to verify that rather than just believe it.  You may decide to adjust the laser module so that it matches up with the iron sights at a different distance.

Two very small Allen screws (see photo above) are used to align/adjust for both windage and elevation.  Crimson Trace provided two wrenches so I'm thinking one stays in the shooting bag and one in the gun parts tool box in the gun room. 


I'll add more once I've had a chance to run another box or two of hand loads through the LCR.  This will give me enough trigger time on it with the laser grips to comment on performance, felt recoil, etc. 

Update:  06/04/2012

Today's range trip was all handgun so before heading out the door, I grabbled the LCR and tossed it and some reloads into my range bag.  After I finished a couple hundred rounds of 9mm with my regular range gun, a Springfield XD9, I broke out the LCR and loaded it with some fairly stout 158 gr SWC hand loads. 

It had been a couple of months since I last shot the LCR.  I had zeroed the laser @ 15 feet so I dropped back the same distance from the target.  I ran the 1st string of five shots and was surprised to see the point of impact (POI) several inches high.  Hmmm......not good.  I really wasn't expecting that.  Several quick adjustments with the wrench (I even found it in my range bag!) and I was back at my point of aim (POA). 

Before putting the LCR away, I reloaded it with the five Speer Gold Dot 125 gr HP carry rounds that I previously had in it.  After the 1st round hit the target several inches low, I realized my previous adjustment for the 158 gr loads had changed the laser's POI adjustment. 

Speer Gold Dot .38 Spl+P target

I readjusted the laser.....accounting for the prior adjustments, and finished off the cylinder.  As you can see, the laser did just fine.  For my target, I was using 1" wide blue painters tape, which I use to on my target holes.  I aimed using only the laser, bypassing the iron sights on the LCR.  It did a good job of putting my carry rounds where I was pointing it. 




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