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AR-15 Mag Adapter for Saiga .223


After receiving the ambidextrous magazine release in the mail, I took a few minutes to get it installed prior to heading out to the range.  The normal release of the magazine with my support hand is accomplished by pushing on mag release at the point indicated by the arrow.  The part that I was waiting on is connected to the magazine release lever via a roll pin (circled in red). 


On the opposite side, the new release lever is also pinned to the adapter body.  By pressing inward on the release, with the trigger finger (assuming you shoot right handed), it actuates the magazine release on the other side of the adapter and releases the magazine.  I expected it to be rather stiff/difficult but I was quite wrong.  It is easy enough to press with my trigger finger. 

All that is left now is a trip to the range to see how the adapter works. 

Update 4/18/2009:

I finally got a chance to get to the range this past Monday and try the adapter.

All in all, I was pleased with its operation. I ran about 60 rounds of Wolf 55 gr. FMJ through it using several different magazines. These included a 30 round Pmag, a 30 round aluminum Brownell, a 20 round aluminum MidwayUSA Stoner, and a 20 round aluminum Colt.

All mags functioned quite well. I have a couple of failures.....one was a type III malfunction that put me out of action for a minute. The extracted case cleared the chamber but ended up getting stuck in the receiver with a fresh round half stripped off of the magazine. I believe this malfunction occurred from my not having the magazine fully seated.

The biggest thing I notice, compared to my Eagle Arms EA-15, is how the magazine latches into place. On my Saiga, it is as though the magazine just barely engages the catch while on the EA-15, it really "latches" into position. I've not stuck my nose in there far enough to determine if there is something I can do locally to allow it to latch up better.

I found the ambi-mag release to work very well after I installed it. I had no issues with it binding up or being too stiff to easily operate. It simply worked.

I loaded all of the mags to 1 or 2 rounds under full capacity when I tested them.....then fired about 5~10 rounds to see how they fed. The final mag, which happened to be the Magpul, was filled and then I emptied it as fast I could shooting from the shoulder. That was where I had the type III malfunction early on. After it was cleared, no further problems.

By the time I was finished testing mags, the barrel was burning off oil residue left from the last cleaning session. 10 rounds fired later to verify proper operation again resulted in no problems.

As I said, I was pleased with the operation of the adapter and the fact that I own no magazines that will not function in it.





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