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Magholder.com Magazine Holder Review


Another view of the MagHolder, here without my XD-S magazine inserted.  The retention lip is clearly visible and you can see how it well it would keep the MagHolder secured on the belt. 

As I mentioned before, I've exchanged several e-mails with the Mark, the guy behind MagHolder.com.  I should mention that the existing version of the XD-S MagHolder that I have is a pre-production release, based on the existing 1911 model.  The single stack magazines from the 1911 and XD-S are very similar in dimentions.  Per one of Mark's e-mails....

The final production version will bear a strong resemblance to the 1911.  Also, there are several changes we are making to the mold this week, including some dimensional and aesthetic changes.  We will be using a different polymer and carbon fiber instead of nylon and glass, which will improve its performance.  All these changes will be common to the whole family and be complete near the end of this month (May 2013).

I look forward to seeing the "next generation" of MagHolers.  From what Mark said, they should be pretty awesome.



Worn on my support side (I am right handed) with the magazine's base plate facing to the rear.  You can also order a model that flips the magazine so that the base plate is facing forward.  Optionally, I could wear mine on my strong side, kind of in the appendix carry position, which would give my support hand a cross-draw position for getting my spare mag.  For the left handed folks, yes, they make them for you as well.  Springfield's 7 round mag will fit too....it will simply protrude out of the holder just a bit more.



As I write this, I've been wearing the MagHolder all day.  I cannot tell it is there.  After I get a few more months use on it, I'll add an update to this review and let you know how it is doing and what my thoughts are at that time.

I would be remiss in my review if I didn't mention that there was a slight problem with my order (the wrong MagHolder was shipped).  Before the package even hit my mailbox, I had an e-mail from Mark telling me he had caught the mistake and would get it resolved.  Hey, it happens....we are all human.  I would be lying if I said I've not had a couple of orders from Cabela's arrive with the wrong contents too.  My point in bringing this up.....it's not so much that the problem occurred but rather how it was handled.  Mark took care of it and he did it very, very professionally.  A customer couldn't ask for more than that when something doesn't work out. 

Update:  05/21/2013

My Zlogonje Gunleathers holster arrived earlier this week and I thought I would include a pic of it since I got the MagHolder to go with my XD-S and this was the last item needed before I started carrying it.


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