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Magholder.com Magazine Holder Review

Update:  11/16/2014

Earlier this year, MagHolder.com released a version for the XD 9mm and .40 S&W double stack magazines, which I've included below.  As I write this, design of the molds to produce a version for the double stack XD45 is ongoing.  Last I heard, it was scheduled for a 1st quarter 2014 release. 


Maholder.com magholder for Springfield XD 9 double stack magazine

Shown in the above photo is a magazine for my Springfield Armory XD9sc (sub-compact) pistol.  The XD9 pistols, be they service, compact, or sub-compact models, all use the same double stack magazine profile except where the length is concerned.  This horizontal magholder will also fit the XD .40S&W and the .357SIG cartridge magazines too.   As I understand it, this will also work equally well for the Springfield XD(M) pistol.


Springfield Armory XD9sc and Magholder.com magazine holder

Here is one of my CCW carry options when I use my Springfield XD9sc.  The fit of the magazine in the Magholder is just right. 


MagHolder closeup

Unlike the XDs45 MagHolder, this double stack version uses both a friction retention as well as the cutout in the magazine.  It actively engages the detent notch in the magazine.  I've experienced the same reliable retention with this magazine just as I have with the XDs45 MagHolder. 

I look forward to the release of the MagHolder for the double stack .45 ACP magazines.  It will standardize the spare mag carry method for my Springfield XD45 compact




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