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Washing your polishing media

Now we all realize that with the economy in the bind that it is, saving a few bucks here and there isn't really such a bad thing.  Believe it or not, you can easily clean your corn cob polishing media and recycle it right back to your media polisher.  OK....so maybe you don't "need" to save the $15 a new bag of media costs.  How about this?  It is Friday evening and you are getting ready to polish some brass for Saturday's reloading session.  You realize your media is looking bad and you don't have any clean stuff on the shelf.  Worse yet, you don't want to drive the 90 minutes one way to the nearest gun shop to pick up some new media tomorrow morning once they open.  So wash it, dry it, and get on with your reloading project.

My shooting buddy, Gary, asked me the other day if I had ever washed my corn cob media.  "No, can't say that I have", was my reply.  We talked about it briefly and I told him that if he tried it, he should take some photos and I would put it on the site.  He did....and so here it is.  Oh yeah....it really did work so read on and see how he did it! 

From here on, I'll turn the narration over to Gary.....

I decided it was time to clean up or replace the corn cob media. As you can see here, it was beginning to get fairly dirty. Corn cob is not that particularly expensive, but with the rising cost of shooting nowadays, it pays to save a few bucks whenever you can. I could not find anything on the internet on cleaning corn cob, so I decided that it's time for a little experimenting.

First thing, I got a 5 gallon bucket, compliments of Homer, and some of my wife's dishwasher soap from the kitchen. Lucky for me, this is an "All-Purpose Bucket." I didn't want to get caught using the wrong bucket.

I put the media in the bucket and added some soap and water. I let it soak for about 10 minutes and then agitated the media with my hands. As you can see, the water began to get quite dirty and after soaking for about an hour, the corn cob expanded to about 150% of its original size. I didn't see that coming.

To rinse the corn cob, I fabricated a screen that worked nicely. I used some 2 X 4s and some screen material that was left over from that repair job last summer when the Bulldogs busted through the patio door.

The saw horses I keep in the back yard came in handy. I used the garden hose and thoroughly rinsed the media. The corn cob looks like new, except that it's a little larger than before.


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