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Washing your polishing media

After leaving the corn cob out in the yard for about a day, it was now dry and looking much nicer. It was still a little larger (bulkier) than before even though it had dried out. 

Here is the tumbler with much cleaner looking media.  I added the normal amount of Dillon media polish to the media and got ready to do a load of .45 ACP brass. 

Now came the real test. Here were the dirty .45 brass that needed cleaning. Let's see how they clean up.

After a couple of hours in the tumbler, the brass looks like new. Not only does the corn cob media look like new, but now I have more than before. I guess you can't argue with success. There may be a down side here, but I sure don't see it at this time.

Back to Stu's comments......

For the rest of you reading this, I stopped by Gary's today to get these photos and the text he had written.  We went out to his garage (a.k.a., reloading area) and he showed me the media and the extra large Ziploc bag that he had left over from it "swelling" during the washing process.  I couldn't argue with the results and as he said, he now has more media to use than when he started.

The brass did indeed look nice and clean the media was no worse for wear, so to speak.  We compared this new batch of brass to the previous one he had cleaned (before washing the media) and the most recent batch looked better.  The freshly washed media did do a better job.  It looked just as good as if Gary had put brand new media in the media polisher. 

So there you have it....yeah, it may sound a little crazy, but with the price of reloading components being what they are recently, saving a few bucks here and there isn't such a bad thing. 

Good shooting.....oops, I mean cleaning.....and hope to see you at the range.




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