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Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Semi-Auto Rifle


The stock provides for a good range of adjustment.  I can easily see a young shooter making good use of it.  Growing into the rifle is a reality for this M&P.  Sure wish I had one some 45 years ago when I started shooting my first .22 rifle.   With the stock fully compacted, the overall length is just 31". 


The quad rail is not free floated around the barrel.   The rail will fit any 1913 Mil Std accessory.  If you are inclined to swap your rail pieces and parts between your favorite AR and the M&P 15-22, you can do so without hesitation. 

I'll update this review later on when I get some more range time.  As I write this, my wife just dropped a package on my desk.  It is a pair of mags I ordered from S&W last week.  <grin>  Now I can unload 75 rounds per "session" at the target. </grin>

In summary, I like this rifle as much as I can with just one range trip to judge it by.  It impressed the heck out of my shooting buddy....to the point he was calculating which .270 Win hunting rifle he wanted to liquidate in order to get one.  I don't know if I would go that far but then, after seeing the .270s in his gun safe later that day, I might be inclined to get rid of one of them. 

I look forward to more Mondays at the range with the M&P 15-22. 

Update:  10/10/2009

With the upcoming Appleseed shoot coming next weekend, I needed to get a sling on the rifle.  While the butt stock came with a good attachment loop, there was nothing on the forend for the other end of the sling.

A trip to one of the local shooting ranges (which also has a lot of "tactical" components for sale) ended my search.  Before I tried that place, I had stopped at 3 other gun stores...no luck.


The sling swivel is made by GG&G, a company out of Tucson, Arizona.  I paid $24.49 + tax.  But regardless of the price, it appears to be well made....so I'm good with that.


It requires a 9/64" hex wrench (not supplied) to tighten the screw.  I grabbed an Allen wrench and got it snugged down without issue.  I checked my range tool stash to see if I had that specific size....nope.  I'll have to swing by the hardware store and grab one to toss in my range bag.  I hate being at the range and not having the appropriate tool should I need to adjust something on a firearm....such as moving this swivel mount to a different position on the rail.

Update:  10/12/2009

I spent another morning at the range with the M&P 15-22 and my Kahr PM9.  The two new mags from S&W functioned flawlessly.  I shot a bit over 200 rounds today without a malfunction of any kind while rotating between all of the magazines.  Again, I ran a half dozen different styles of ammo without any problems.  They all functioned the M&P's action without issue. 


I must admit that I've not shot a .22LR firearm that hit the rim as aggressively as does the M&P 15-22.  It really smacks the heck out of the cartridge rim. 

Update:  12/18/2009

With the first weekend of December having come and gone, the biggest gun show in Arizona did as well.  I hit the show on Saturday AM with one of my shooting buddies.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular....perhaps just a good deal on something that I thought I needed.  LOL!!!! 


Here is the M&P 15-22 as it sits in its current form.  At the gun show, I picked up a Grip Pod for the handguard rail.  No, it's not a name brand.....but for .22LR duty, I think it will function just fine.  I removed the Leupold 2-7x rimfire scope from my Ruger 10/22.  Using an A.R.M.S.#5 Multibase mount with Warne 1" rings, the Leupold has found a new home.  I overlapped the handguard rail with the mount as I couldn't obtain the eye relief I wanted without doing so.  Some say the optic mount should only contact the receiver rail.  I haven't experienced any issues that I can trace back because of this configuration.  The A.R.M.S.#5 Multibase is one heck of a rugged mount  I can't see it flexing.....and even if it could, it's not likely the distances I am shooting would reveal it.

Note:  Since purchasing the knock-off Grip Pod, I spent the $$ and purchased a real Grip Pod LE (law enforcement) from the manufacturer.  I was quite amazed when I examined the two.  Parts are interchangeable.  The mold seams on both are in the same place.  The only difference is in the construction of the legs.  If I didn't know better, I would say they came from the same factory, where ever that may be.  For what it is worth, the gun show no-brand version works every bit as good as the high dollar Grip Pod original.

More Notes:  Over a long Memorial Day weekend, 2011, I spent 4 days at Front Sight taking my 2nd practical rifle course.  I used the no-name knock off Grip Pod on my M&P15.  It worked perfectly, and in spite of what the instructors told me about these things always breaking, I managed to DG the course anyway (Distinguished Graduate....a high ranking that approximately 1% of the practical rifle students attain).  I don't know what to say....it works.  And for the money I gave (<$30), I sure can't complain about it. 

Updated:  11/26/2010

I've been meaning to update this write-up for a while.  I picked up an M&P 15 a while back.  One of the items I picked up for that rifle, and subsequently swapped out, has been passed down to the 15-22.


The Millet DMS-1 optic has found a new home on the M&P 15-22.  It is a 1-4 x 24 illuminated reticle scope.  It is not what you would call a high end scope by no means, but is significantly better than Barska and similar low end units you see so much of these days.  It has a 30 mm tube and is a bit on the heavy side.  While this was an issue when mounted on the M&P 15OR, it is not a problem when mounted on the much lighter M&P 15-22.  It has a 1 MOA dot for long distance shooting and a 18 MOA donut for close-up engagements.  The illuminated reticle is meant for low light use only and is not bright enough to be seen in normal daylight conditions.  In sunlight, the reticle is black in color and is easy enough to acquire.  I zeroed the DMS-1 for 50 yards and called it good.  It works well and looks better than the Leupold variable I had on it for a while. 

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