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Pug Special Edition Holster

We were getting a rare May later afternoon rain shower when the mailman stuffed a few items into the mailbox.  Among them was a small shipping envelope from John Losey who owns Concealment Holster Solutions.  John had cashed my check the previous week so I had a feeling the holster was going to show up this week.  Sure enough it did.  I opened quickly opened it  to see what this little holster looked liked.

Included in the padded shipping envelope was a piece of paper thanking me for my order and also explaining how to break-in my new holster.

NAA Pug in a Concealment Holster Solutions holster

The holster is well formed and was wet-molded with the Pug's hammer indexed on one of the safety notches.  As noted in the written instructions, it is important to use the holster with the Pug properly set to safe.  This positions the cylinder correctly so the flutes match those molded into the holster.

NAA Pug in Special Edition holster

On my holster, I had John add what he calls the "Draw Button".  The leather draw button is a no-cost option available on any holster. It does not secure the Pug in the holster.  It simply assists you in starting the gun out of the holster. As the holstered gun is grasped, it falls under the trigger finger and can be pushed against to begin the draw.  You can see it in the above photo. 

NAA Pug in a Special Edition Holster 

The four rivets hold the two pieces of the holster together.  It appears that an adhesive is used to further attach to the two pieces of leather to each other.  In doing so, it makes for a very nice edge around the holster.  It fits very nicely in the front pocket of my blue jeans.  The holster is available in a couple of colors/stains.  Looking at John's web site, it appears he makes the holster for virtually every model made by North American Arms and one or two others.  Based on my initial impressions, I would recommend this holster to any NAA owner. 

I look forward to making good use of it when I carry my Pug .22 WMR revolver.   

Update:  09/06/2013

Some time has passed since I added the above information to the web site.  I thought an update might be in order. 


Special Edition Holster after some use

The PUG and this holster have spent a lot of time in my front pocket.  The holster has assumed the curved shape of my leg which means the chances of it printing are even less than when it was new (and that was just about nil).  It has held up well to a lot of sweaty work sessions.  The PUG still has a snug fit but can be easily drawn when necessary.  I can't see any reason I won't see many more years of good service out of this holster. 





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