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Stays-Put Pocket Holster

Carrying a pocket gun in the pocket requires that it be in a holster, in my opinion.  I know some folks don't agree, but I can't see the reason for not using one.  Besides helping break up the outline of the firearm, it also protects the trigger and in my case, the hammer, from unwanted manipulation. 

Pug .22WMR in a Concealment Specialties LLC holster

I did some reading on the NAA forum and came across a thread with a link to a company called Concealment Specialites, LLC.  I liked what I saw and decided to take a chance on a holster for the Pug .22 WMR.  At $14.95 shipped to my door, it was worth a try. 

As you can see, both the trigger and hammer are fully protected.  This Made in the USA holster exhibits nice stitching.  What caught my eye in the forum thread was the favorable comments regarding the material used in the holster.  The exterior is uniquely textured (almost sticky but it really isn't) and grabs the inside of the pocket very well when you are drawing the Pug.  I like that feature a lot. 

NAA Pug .22WMR with CS LLC holster

Another view of the Stays-Put Ultra Model PUG holster.  The material has an inner foam type lining which helps break up the outline of the Pug as well as offering a degree of protection.  I counted about 20 holsters on the CS web site.  Several of them could be used for more than one specific firearm.  I liked the holster enough that I picked one up for a co-worker who is patiently waiting for his CCW to arrive.  I thought he needed a good pocket holster for a newly required .380 auto and after giving it to him, I was correct.  He likes it. 





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