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North American Arms - .22 Magnum Pug

Update:  05/05/2012

I did some reading on the NAA forum and came across a thread with a link to a company called Concealment Specialites, LLC.  I liked what I saw and decided to take a chance on a holster for the Pug .22 WMR.  At $14.95 shipped to my door, it was worth a try. 

You'll find the holster review in the Holsters/Cases section. 

Update:  05/07/2012

I hit the range this morning to rack up some practice time with my Springfield XD9 pistol.  I've got a FS class coming later this year and need to work on a few things.  Once I was finished with the XD9, I broke out my PACT chronograph and set it up, 10' from the edge of the shooting bench.  I ran 6 different factory loads over the chronograph this morning with four of them being .22 WMR from the Pug and two others using my range buddy's XD .45ACP 5" pistol.  (The velocities of both cartridges are fairly close to each other.)

Two of the four .22 WMR loads I shot were chronographed previously.  I wanted to use them as a benchmark to ensure everything was working as expected.  The PACT ran great....and the Winchester Super-X 40 gr FMJ loads shot this morning ran just 13 FPS faster than the previous test and the old CCI JHP was +29 FPS.  Both are close enough for me given different temps and air density between the two shooting sessions.  If I had the ammo to spare, I would always chronograph five groups of 5 shots for each cartridge and average that data.  I can do this if someone wants to donate the ammo.....otherwise, you're stuck with my "limited budget" method.

I copied the table from the previous page and placed it here, adding the new loads.  It is easier to contrast and compare the information gathered from the two sessions when one can view all the data at once.  I've also averaged in the data for the two loads that were repeated this morning. 


  Std Deviation Extreme Spread Velocity
Hornady 45 gr TRX
Critical Defense
17.6 FPS 42.7 FPS 805 FPS
40 gr TMJ
18.7 FPS 45.8 FPS 857 FPS
Super-X 40 gr JHP
40.8 FPS 85.8 FPS 864 FPS
Super-X 40 gr FMJ
20.2 FPS 49.5 FPS 882 FPS
** CCI 37 gr JHP 31.0 FPS 72.0 FPS 949 FPS

The main reason for this trip to the range (in regards to shooting the Pug) was to try out the Hornady Critical Defense load.  I waited a couple of weeks for them to get off back order so I could acquire two boxes.  Needless to say, I am very disappointed with the velocity results.  I realize the Hornady TRX bullet is 5 grains heavier than everything else I've tested.  However, Hornady shows a velocity, on their web site, of 1038 FPS from a 1 7/8" S&W 351PD.  While the Pug's barrel is but 1", when Hornady claims this load is optimized for short-barreled firearms, I wouldn't expect it to literally place at the bottom of the velocity list.  Just to confirm that my numbers were correct, I fired a second 5 shot string over the chronograph.  The average velocity of the 2nd group was just 4 FPS different than the first group.  The velocity numbers speak for themselves, it would seem. 

My next step will be to do some down range testing to see how the above loads perform.  I'll have to save a few milk jugs as my budget doesn't allow for ballistic gel....unless someone wants to donate some.  <grin>

Update:  05/09/2012

We were getting a rare May later afternoon rain shower when the mailman stuffed a few items into the mailbox.  Among them was a small package from John Losey who owns Concealment Holster Solutions.  John had cashed my check the previous week so I had a feeling the holster was going to show up this week.  Sure enough it did.

You'll find the holster review in the Holsters/Cases section. 





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