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Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Ruger Mk1 Upgrade

So with the red dot reflex sight down and out, I decided to try one more low cost red dot sight before opting for a different (more expensive?) game plan.


I've purchased some items from Midway USA before and so I routinely get their flyers.  One recently had a BSA 42 mm red dot scope in it.  It came with integral Weaver style mounts which means it would mount directly to the rail on the PacLite receiver.


It's a little difficult to get everything lined up so I can snap a photo of the red dot....and ever more so to keep most of the stuff in focus too!  Here is a a so-so photo of the setup when looking through it with the camera.  Not quite what it looks like when using your eye but close enough that you get an idea.

I'm happy to report that it survived its first day at the range which is better than I can for the other red dot sight.  I spent some time sighting in the scope and will need to adjust it one more time once I remember to bring along a couple of shooting bags so I can make a good steady rest.


As I said, I didn't bring anything along that could be used as a rest so this is the best I could manage at an indoor range.  I mention indoor range because the targets hang from the carriers that run back and forth on the wires.  As such, the target is never motionless as it would be stapled to a backstop at the outdoor range. 

Both of the targets were shot with 15 rounds.  The left hand is some vintage Winchester Western standard velocity from the late 1970s.  The group on the right was shot with recently purchased Federal bulk pack obtained at the local Walmart.  If I remember correctly, it was labeled high velocity (I tossed the box but I'm pretty sure I am correct).  I'm satisfied with both and once I get a chance to rest the Mark1, I'll do another round and see what kind of groups I can really get from it.





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