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Burris FastFire II Sight
on the Tactical Solutions Ruger Mk1



Several years ago, I wrote about the Tactical Solutions upgrade to my old Ruger Mk1 pistol.  Right after doing the upgrade, I tried a couple of cheap red dot optics on it....one of them was replaced twice and the other just didn't work out very well.  I hadn't quite figured out back then that you really do get what you pay for.  Back then, I was sometimes guilty of buy junk, use junk, watch junk break, throw junk away.  It happens. 

While I was recently cleaning the top shelf of the gun safe, I came across the FastFire II and realized it just might work out nicely on the Ruger. 



Since the original purpose of the FastFire II was for mounting on my M&P15, the FastFire II had been purchased with the Weaver/Picatinny rail mounting plate.  When I bought the Pac-Lite barrel, I got Tactical Solutions' Integral Rail which embeds a fully adjustable rear sight into the rail that is used to mount a scope or a reflex sight.  This was the perfect setup to try with the FastFire II sight.  The rail added just 2 ounces to the barrel and the FastFire II with its Picatinny base accounted for an additional 1.6 ounces.  That's not much weight for the complete installation of a reflex sight system. 



At the range, I zeroed the FastFire II for 15 yards.  At 25 yds, it shoots about an inch high.  I've not taken it out past 25 yds yet but look forward to it.  I set a .22 steel target at 25 yds and had a good time shooting it.  This combination is a great plinking gun (should be great for small game too) and can easily be used to introduce a new shooter to handguns.  Virtually no recoil, low noise, and it's easy to sight.....doesn't get much better than that.

The FastFire II is powered by a 3 volt CR 2032 lithium battery which, according to Burris, provides up to 4 years of standby service (assuming the power switch is always ON and the sight's protective cover is used).  You can see the protective cover in the above photo.  There is a small sensor on the forward facing surface of the sight which automatically changes the brightness of the 4 MOA red dot. 

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