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Burris FastFire II Sight
on the Tactical Solutions Ruger Mk1


Update 3/18/2013:

I had to find a little free time to mount and finally test the new FastFire II sight.  So, once installed, I managed a trip to the range to zero it and put some rounds down range to ensure all was working OK. 


With several brands of .22LR requisitioned from the ammo bunker (yeah, I know....but it's my story so I'll adlib a bit if I want to), I set up the CED M2 chronograph to clock the velocities I was getting out of the Tactical Solutions barrel.  Did I mentioned I've really been enjoying the CED M2 chrono?  It's been very reliable except when I had a little bit of trouble catching 36 grain .22 bullets when the early morning sun was quite low on the horizon.  Just not enough shadow for the sky screens to grab....but cleared up one the sun got a bit higher in the sky.  My bad....back to the sight testing.

The first task at hand was zeroing the red dot.  The manual does a nice job of explaining the process albeit it really is no different from adjusting any other optic except for the small set screws that lock the adjustment screws in position.  I performed a zero at 15 yards and then got started shooting over the chronograph using several sandbags to keep things as steady as possible. 




  AVG SD ES Group
Fed Bulk 1091 34 106 1.15"
Aguila SuperMax Hyper Velocity 1370 36 94 2.42"
CCI Blazer 1069 18 50 .85"
Winchester WildCat 1114 14 34 .57"

Once again, Aguila proved to be the worst ammo tested.  I had the same poor grouping performance shooting from two different .22LR rifles also.  Basically, it is garbage ammo sold at a premium price.  Federal Bulk does twice as good, literally.

So, the new FastFire II seems to be doing just fine.  Zeroing went well and once dialed in, POI was consistent.  I emptied a number of magazines on clay pigeon pieces and parts that were scattered across the back stop.  When I finished, there were many more pieces and parts.  I'll shoot a few more sessions with it to make sure it holds zero but I've no reason to believe it will not.  That was not the problem with its predecessor. 




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