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Kahr PM9 Review

It's been really hot here in Phoenix....in fact, the weatherman said that this past July was the third hottest July on record.  Hot weather always makes it more of an issue, for me anyways, to CCW comfortably.  CCW comfort consists of two things for me.....I'm physically comfortable concealing what ever weapon I am carrying.....and I'm comfortable knowing that what I am concealing will handle the job.  When it's 113 degrees+, most of the clothes I am comfortable wearing don't always conceal an XD45c.  Even though it is a compact model, the caliber and double stack magazine make for a sizable package when the cover garment isn't substantial.  I decided it was time to see if I could find a suitable summer time replacement for the XD.  After doing some research, I opted for the Kahr PM9 semi-automatic 9mm pistol. 

While the popularity of the Ruger's LCP seems to have caught on in some circles, I really do not want a .380 handgun, at least not at this time.  I prefer a more potent cartridge in my CCW.  Another important factor was that I did not wish to begin reloading for a new cartridge.  I have an ample supply of 9mm brass and so it makes sense to stick with that cartridge.  I use my Springfield XD9 4" now for 90% of my handgun range practice.  The choice of the Kahr PM9 was a no-brainer in regards to reloading.  Running the PM9 is quite similar to the XD9....there is no thumb safety so practice time with one will help reinforce the use of the other. 


The flashlight in the photo is my SureFire 6P LED flashlight.  Side by side, the 6P is taller than the PM9 by a fair amount.  The magazine shown in the PM9 holds 6 cartridges.  There is also a 7 round magazine in the plastic case the pistol ships in. 


As I had already mentioned my using the XD9 4" service model for my regular range practice handgun, I thought it would be good to use it as a benchmark against which the PM9 could be compared.

The above photo reminds me of that movie that had "Mini-Me" in it.  Kind of a little reproduction of the big one.  As you can see, there is clearly a difference in size between the two. 


I stacked the PM9 on top of the XD9.  The bottom of the magazines and the back edge of the slides were aligned.  Again, you can see the substantial difference in height between the two pistols.  The abbreviated frame dimensions really do aid in being able to CCW the PM9 with very little effort. 

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