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Kahr PM9 Review

Update:  10/12/2009

I spent some time at the range today and took some time to cycle another box of my reloads through the PM9.  No problems....no failures of any kind.  Gotta love the reliability factor of the PM9.


I normally shoot silhouette targets for handgun but I was doing some scope work and had a couple of bullseye targets on the stand so decided to use one for the PM9.  I walked down range and step off 7 yds from the target.  I was not working from the holster.  These were presented from the ready position.  Three magazines were shot from my my weak side, the remainder of the rounds from my strong side.  Two mags from the strong side were shot single handed.   Even on a silhouette target, all shots would have been center of mass.  The fact that I drifted two out of the black was good enough for me.  I need to make a habit of doing more weak side shooting as I had some issues running the gun....getting my grip the way I wanted it, etc. 

Anyway, I am happy to report that the PM9 continues to run very nicely and without any problems. 


Update:  11/09/2009

After having spent some time browsing a few of the forums were Kahr is spoken, I came across a link to the best $5 investment I ending up making since getting the PM9.  Now I suppose that may not mean much in today's world given that $5 does not often buy much (not even two gallons of gas, almost a 1/3 of a box of 9mm at Wal-Mart, or part of a movie ticket at the local theatre). 


The topic of interest was "How do you carry a spare mag for your PM9?"  The answer was in a RedHead Knife/Tool Sheath sold by Bass Pro Shops for just $4.99.  (part # NS-2 medium size) 


It fits my Wilderness Instructor belt like it was made for it.  It is nearly the size of my cell phone carrier and better yet, just as stealthy.  Knife sheaths are so common (at least out here in the southwest) that folks don't give them a second glance. 


Here is the 7 round PM9 tucked into its new magazine pouch.  The Velcro closure ensures the magazine won't go anywhere on its own.  If you feel it rides a little low in the pouch, and I believe it does just a bit, a half inch of foam rubber pushed down into the bottom will solve that problem very easily.  (where did I put that foam?)


The belt loop is fastened securely into the back of the sheath.  While the heavy duty nylon gives you more than adequate strength, it makes for a very low profile mag holder that rides flush against the belt/body. 

For the price, I doubt you can find a better magazine pouch.  At the same time, I doubt you will find one that folks will simply disregard as another knife holder.  Go ahead, spend $5....enjoy yourself! 


Update:  12/16/2009

I was off of work for the Christmas season so I spent part of the day at the range.  I cycled another box of reloads through my PM9, again, without any feeding or ejection issues.  I still love this little 9mm....it just keeps running without any problems. 


Near the end of my shooting session, I hung a fresh Front Sight qualification target on my portable frame and measured off 25 ft.  At Front Sight, we shoot head shots at 5 and 7 meters, so my 25 feet was pushing just a bit further than the 7 meter failure to stop drill we shoot during qualification.  I was not running a timer today...and it wasn't close to a slow fire cadence either.  I do not believe I could manage a 50 shot string all in the 5 point zone with my .38 Special AirWeight

While I was shooting, a couple of off-road buddies that are also gun club members stopped by to say hello.  Before they left, they ran multiple magazines through the PM9 and really liked it.  (They also very much liked the M&P 15-22 I was shooting as well.





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