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Wilderness Tactical Slimline Dump Pouch

The cargo pockets on your 511 pants can only hold so much.  While I've found them adequate for holding a couple of extra XD45 magazines at a Front Sight, they couldn't handle the shotgun shells used during their tactical shotgun course.  There had to be something better.

While fitting a sling to my Saiga .223 AK rifle at Wilderness Tactical Products, I noticed a pouch hanging on the display wall.  It took me about 15 seconds to decide it would certainly be worth a try.  With a couple of .223 rifles using 20/30 round magazines, and my Benelli SuperNova snacking on 12 gauge rounds at the range, I should be able to take care of two needs with just one purchase.  Put me down for one!


The pouch is heavy duty to say the least and has the same quality materials and stitching I've found in the other Wilderness products I own.  Since black goes with everything, I opted for that although they are offered in a variety of colors, including camo. 


Right off the bat, I knew this was a keeper when I found that it could be attached or removed from my belt without it ever leaving my waist.  (I really do hate doing that!)  The back of the pouch sports a 2" wide web strap that is fully lined with Velcro.  The strap Velcros its way down the entire back of the pouch, loops under the bottom, and finishes half way up the front. (see 1st photo)  It won't be coming off your belt until you take it off. 


The mouth of the pouch is reinforced so it doesn't fold in on itself.  Another Velcro lined strap closes the pouch to prevent you from accidentally dumping its contents.  When not in use, the strap sticks to the inside of the pouch, out of the way.   Wilderness has included a carabineer loop at the top of the pouch to provide you with another attachment point for other gear (one of those just in case things).


The dimensions of the pouch measure 11" tall, 5.5" wide, and a little over 3" deep.  You can pack a half dozen 30 round AR-15 magazines in the pouch or about ten 20 round mags.  I've not tried to see how many shotgun shells I can stow but Wilderness claims two boxes (50 rounds) will fit.  That looks about right.  (Sorry for the not so great photo....it was one of those take the picture in the mirror on account of no one else around to use the camera.)


You can roll it up for storage (when you are done with it) or let it lay flat in the bottom of your shooting gear bag....either way, it won't take up much room.  Me....I'm storing a few AR-15 mags in mine and tossing it into the gun safe.  Easy enough to grab should the need arise.

Maybe I should pick up another one?  That one could be dedicated to the Benelli....a few extra rounds of 00 buck and slugs would make for a handy shotgun pouch to grab, just in case.  Hmmm.....maybe so.

In summary, this medium sized dump pouch certainly fills a niche as far as I am concerned.  I like the fact that it attaches easily to my belt (which happens to be a Wilderness Instructor Belt).  It's just the right size to handle the rounds/magazines for the range drills I do with my shooting buddies.  Pick one up....I don't think you will be disappointed.  It works the way you want your shooting gear to work.....very well. 





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