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CE Pocket Pro II Range Timer



While shooting, there are two main views for the display.  Your preference can be selected and retained using one of the menu screens.  In the above photo, the display has been configured to show just the shot time.  The displayed time is big and easy to read....perhaps a handy setting if you normally use glasses (for reading) but don't while shooting.


The other main display that is available is shown in the above photo.  It includes much more data include split time, 1st shot time, shot count, date (time not show but also displays), start delay, and battery condition.  After using both for a while, you'll most likely settle on one of the displays and forget about the other one. 


After you are done shooting, you can review your shots.  The first and last shots occupy the two center lines of the display and the entire display can be easily scrolled using the up and down arrow buttons. 

The timer can also be configured to display "Rounds per Minute" versus individual shot times.  In this case, after the start beep, begin shooting and the timer will calculate the rounds per minute based on the elapsed time between first and last shots and number of shots fired.  The timer can accurately detect up to 1800 rounds per minute. 

The firmware in the timer also allows for a configurable "shot dead time".  This setting determines how long the timer ignores input from the microphone since the last shot was detected.  This is useful to lock out the detection of echoes which may register as another shot.  Along with dead time, the microphone's sensitivity can also be set to one of 25 settings.

The display has built in backlighting that can be disabled or set to the desired number of seconds the display will remain illuminated after pressing any button.   Battery life will be better if backlighting is disabled (set time to 0 seconds). 

And lastly, if you really get things all mis-configured to the point the time doesn't know which way is up, there is a procedure that allows you to reset the Pocket Pro II back to the factory settings. 


For about $10, I bought the optional carry case.  There is nothing special about it.  It is much the same as a digital camera carry case.  If you have one sitting around that happens to fit, so much the better.

I look forward to continued trips to the range with the Pocket Pro II timer.  I like the design (both ergonomic and user interface) and expect it will get many good workouts as Gary (my range buddy) and I work through our practice drills.  The best part is that my Pact chrono/timer can now be retired to a status of full time chronograph.  I'll report back if I find anything else that may be interesting.   





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