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Several years ago, I purchased the ChargeMaster 1500 scale.  A couple of years later on, I found myself looking at hand loading 300 cartridges for an upcoming precision rifle course.  This was in addition to all the practice rounds I was using.  I decided I wasn't going to trickle powder by hand while making up all these loads.  While some folks might say "Why hurry....it isn't a race" or something similar, there is a difference between a race and getting repetitive motion injuries twisting that little trickler knob. <grin>  I decided it was time to pick up the powder dispenser attachment that integrates nicely with the scale.

The ChargeMaster Combo, consisting of the ChargeMaster 1500 Scale and the added on ChargeMaster Dispenser, make a great powder dispenser.  As I write this, I've been using mine now for about two years and have used it exclusively when loading .223 Rem and .308 Win hand loads.  I've used it to dispense ball and stick powder but haven't used any flake type powder.  Of the two types I used, it worked well with both of them.

The electronics in the scale and powder dispenser are connected via connectors built into both units.  With the two units plugged together, the mounting feet of the scale and dispenser secures both to each other using a pair of mounting brackets.  The brackets are supplied with the powder dispenser. 

The 9 volt one amp power module that was supplied with the scale has sufficient capacity to power the motor and associated electronics in the dispenser.  With the controller in the powder dispenser unit, up to 30 of your favorite loads can be stored.  Once you have entered the powder charge info into the unit, you can easily recall and dispense the charge with precision and accuracy. 

If you do not care to use the store and recall features, entering a new powder charge is as easy as typing the charge weight on the keypad followed by the ENTER key.  After that, push the DISPense key and the charge will be measured out to the charge pan. 

The 30 memories that store the charge data retain more info than just the powder weight.  Each memory entry is made up of four pieces of related information and are as follows:


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