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Ruger LCR .38 Special +P Revolver

I've been relying on my Kahr PM9 as my go to handgun for discreet carry.  At 15.9 oz. in weight, it is an awesome single stack 9mm pistol and handles very well.  Earlier this year, I was able to acquire a number of firearms through a promotional offer from Front Sight, the firearms training facility I frequent a couple of times each year.  One of those firearms was a Ruger LCR .38 Spl +P revolver.  For the cost of shipping and a $25 FFL transfer, it was mine.  I've had a chance to shoot it a bit and so thought it deserved a review and some photos of a few things I picked up to go with it.

Having a backup gun (on you, not in the gun safe) can be a good thing.  In a bad situation, should your primary handgun fail, you can switch to your backup gun and continue handling the situation.  It can be passed to a spouse, significant other, family member, or friend should the need arise.  As the saying goes...."Two is one and one is none."  Mr. Murphy always strikes at the worst possible moment.  Better to have a backup. 


The .38 Special version of the Ruger LCR is a very lightweight and concealable revolver.  Weighing in at just 13.5 oz., its 7000 series aluminum frame makes for a very pocket-able 5 shot revolver.   In addition to a polymer fire control housing, the fluted stainless steel cylinder also contributes to the low weight of the LCR. 

I've picked up a couple of things for my LCR.  In the above photo, you'll see a DeSantis pocket holster.  This is a very popular pocket holster and for the money works quite well.  The design causes it (the holster) to snag inside your pocket while you withdraw the LCR.  The holster stays in the pocket, the gun easily exits the holster/pocket just as it should. 

The DeSantis holster has no provisions for carrying extra ammunition, which is fine with me.  I keep extra .38 Spl ammo in the Bianchi Speed Strip as shown in the above photo.  The Speed Strip is carried in a support side pocket. 


The other holster I picked up for the Ruger LCR was the Galco Ankle Glove.  I wasn't at all sure what to expect since I've never tried an angle holster before.  A large majority of the online reviews indicated the owner was happy with the product....so, I decided to give it a try.  I know Rick Galco (founder of the company) and he takes his business seriously.  If it didn't work out, I'd give him an ear full.  <grin>

I got a right handed model which means it fits on the inside of the left leg.  I was totally impressed with the comfort factor.  The longest I've worn it has been about 8 hours.  This was in July, in Phoenix.....so we were in the middle of our famously hot summertime temps.  None the less, I had no indication of "jungle sock" underneath the Ankle Glove.  The holster stitching was uniform and of good quality. 


The holster uses a neoprene band with industrial strength Velcro to keep it secured to the angle.  If you have chubby legs, Galco offers an optional extension band to give you some extra room.  The back of the band, where the holster is attached, has sheepskin on it.  While I thought this was going to be hot, I was quite wrong.  The Ankle Glove works equally well under 511 pants or blue jeans.  Depending on how tight your pant legs are, there may be some kind of a slight bulge.  It gives a pretty low profile with the LCR and not many folks walk around looking at ankles. 

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