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Ruger LCR .38 Special +P Revolver



The last item I got for my Ruger LCR was a set of Crimson Trace Laser Grips.  I have a write-up that covers the CTC LG-411 laser grip installation so I won't go into detail here.  I will say that they have worked very well for the two range visits I've used them on.  We have a plenty of bright sun here in Arizona and I could see the laser on my target, mid-morning, at the range. 

Speaking of sights and the LCR, the factory sights are, in my opinion, the worst feature of this revolver.  While I consider the pinned front blade adequate, the "notch" in the polymer frame makes for a poor rear sight.  It is not deep enough.  Granted, this was never meant to be a target pistol and so shooting it as such isn't its main forte.  It is a close up and personal belly gun, for the most part....so maybe Ruger didn't think it was going to be aimed very much.  I subscribe to the method of using sights and getting a good sight picture when I shoot.  It was because of this that I picked up the Crimson Trace laser. 



So....the only thing left for a new back up gun is ammunition.  I decided on Speer Gold Dot .38 Spl +P 125 grain GDHP.  I picked up a few extra boxes after trying a box to ensure the LCR was happy with it. 

I do a lot of reloading and so I use a chronograph at the range to verify the velocity for my loads as I work develop them.  After some research on the net, I found that these Gold Dot factory rounds are rated at 945 FPS by Speer but no barrel length was given.  Of course, that got me wondering what kind of velocity would I see out of my LCR's 2" barrel.  I doubt Speer used a snub nose revolver for their statistics.  As such, I decided it was time to run a few rounds over the chronograph.  I typically shoot a 5 shot string when working up a load.  These 5 shots serve to show me both the grouping of the load as well as the velocity.

Shot # Velocity
1 915 FPS
2 914 FPS
3 905 FPS
4 885 FPS
5 944 FPS
Average 913 FPS

The standard deviation was 21.2 FPS and the extreme spread was 59 FPS.  The best part of this was that the recoil out of this very light weight revolver was not too bad given +P ammunition.  I wouldn't want to shoot it all day at the range, but it was quite manageable.  I've felt worse out of a 2" revolver. 



Here is the target from the 5 shot string.  This target was shot after I had dialed in the Crimson Trace laser using some of my reloaded practice ammo....but before I had fine tuned it for the Speer Gold Dot ammo.  This gives you an idea of the accuracy you can expect from the Ruger LCR.  I do not claim to be great double action revolver shooter so your groups could be much better than mine.  Another visit to the range to adjust the laser a bit more will get me on the bullseye.  And more rounds down range will give me more experience with the LCR.  While this is a backup gun, a person still needs quality range time with the LCR to ensure consistent hits on target.

That's about it for now.  As I get some more trigger time with the Ruger LCR, I'll add comments to this review if so warranted.  I look forward to shooting it some more. 





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