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Gun Safe: LED Lights and Handgun Rack

We all like to accessorize our "stuff" to some degree or another, more than likely.  I have an aftermarket stock and quad rail on an AR-15.  I have Crimson Trace grips on my Ruger LCR.  My Springfield Arms XD pistols all have PRP trigger kits installed.  Face it, we customize and tweak our "stuff" to suit us for whatever the reason might be. 

Last year, I decided it was time to do the same to my gun safe.  The top shelf, which mostly holds handguns, was getting cluttered due to a few other things I started storing there.  The safe also had no internal lighting which had been somewhat of an annoyance since I first purchased it.  I realized both of these issues could be resolved without too much effort after having seen a few items at the local Cabela's store. 



The fix was a handgun rack manufactured by Versatile Rack Company.  The price at Cabela's was the same as that on Versatile's web site.  As such, it was a matter of paying for shipping or paying sales tax.  I opted for the later on the chance that I had a local retailer available should a return be necessary. 

Cabela's carried two models, one made for six handguns and a narrower four handgun model.  It is a strong rack made from what I believe is welded solid rod.  The rack appears to be dipped in a rubber material that coats the metal and so protects your handguns.  It reminds me of the dip-it-yourself coating intended for the handles of various shop tools.  The rack has slip on rubber feet to prevent scratching.



A look at the manufacturer's web site shows several other models available that Cabela's does not stock.  They offer models ranging from 1 to 10 slots.  I didn't know of the manufacturer's web site until after purchasing the rack and finding their sticker on it.  Had I known of it prior to my purchase at Cabela's, I most likely would have opted for one of the other models that better suited my needs. 

As you can see, the rack accommodates both revolvers and pistols.  I realized there was ample space to store a loaded spare magazine under each handgun which makes it handy and easily identifiable should one need to quickly grab a handgun and a reload for it.



The LED motion sensor light kit, which contains two lights, was also purchased at Cabela's and is a Liberty Safe product.  Each light is powered by 3 "AA" batteries and battery life seems typical of what might be expected of a 9 LED flashlight.  The light bars can be individually rotated approximately 90 degrees to better direct light where needed inside the safe. 

The light is designed to operate in both a manual and automatic (motion activated) mode.  In the manual mode, the 3 position slide switch is placed in the "off" position.  When the triangular shaped 3-state power button is depressed, the light bars cycle between high, low, and off.  If automatic mode is desired, move the slide switch into the 30 second or 60 second position.  When the motion sensor detects nearby movement, the light bars will illuminate.  After motion has stopped, the light will remain on for another 30 or 60 seconds before turning itself off. 



Included with the two lights are some hook-and-loop type fasteners.  There is limited real estate on the back of the light to attach it and if you detached it a couple of times, it will most likely pull loose as it did on one of my lights.  If they had not recessed the battery compartment, it would have offered a much better mounting surface.  Anyway, this one is attached to the bottom of the top shelf and illuminates the lower portion of the safe. 



The 2nd LED light simply sits on the top shelf providing illumination for it.  I keep both of the lights set to the 30 second motion activation mode which works well for my needs. 

So that is about it.  The LED lights perform well and turn themselves off without be forgetting to do so.  The handguns all sit quitely in the rack with no training required!  <grin>  Can't ask for much more than that.  I expect that they'll continue to do this for years to come (batteries excluded). 


Update:  09/08/2013

I thought an update was in order since it's been a while since the above was added to the web site.  Aside from a couple of battery changes, all has worked as expected.  I'm seeing probably 6 months or more on a set of batteries.  Battery life is obviously reliant on the amount of "traffic" your gun safe experiences.  On average, I'm probably in and out of it at least once or twice a day.  Donna has a shelf of her own too but doesn't frequent the safe as much as I do.

I added another means by which obtain a little more orderly storage real estate on the top shelf.  The handgun hangers are working pretty good....check them out. 




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