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Gun Safe: Handgun Hangers

It is true....you never have enough space in your gun safe.  I think it is some kind of universal law that makes a person add more things to the safe than was ever anticipated.  And so with it being what it is, a person ash to figure out what they can do to resolve the situation.  I needed a little more real estate on my top shelf (where the knives and pistols are kept) and while at Cabela's this morning, I found a $10 solution that I believe will do just fine.



This safe accessory package, marketed by Liberty Safe, contains a pair of coated "hangers" made to hold two of your handguns.  The design is quite minimalist and intended to make use of room on a shelf where a conventional handgun rack simply won't fit.



Intended to handle any caliber handgun of .22 or larger, the hanger is designed to fit a board that is 5/8" to 7/9" thick.  If need be, the hanger material can be bent a bit to make for a better fit or angle as necessary.  If you are using a thinner shelf material, it is suggested to put pad the shelf with a small piece of thick material.  I'm thinking.....small swatch of old blue jean material, folded a number of times to take up the slack.



You may be thinking to yourself....I can make something like that for less than the $10 I paid for the two hangers.  I was thinking that too while I stood in the store staring at it.  Immediately I started on a parts list: unknown length of .2" diameter rod, can of plastic dip.  Out came my smart phone and a quick check on the cost of plastic dip indicated I was going to spend the $10 at Cabela's unless I planned on making a bunch of these hangers. 



The two hangers have found a home on the top shelf of my gun safe and my two favorite CCW pistols, a Kahr PM9 and a Springfield XD-S .45ACP, are making use of them.  I'm using it until something better comes along. 

As I think about it, if a person wanted to edge an entire shelf using this kind of hanger, then making your own should be a more cost effective venture.  Making a few for your gun buddies might make it even more of a profitable venture.

So that's it....a couple of handgun hangers that make good use of a small space in the gun safe.  Buy or make a couple for yourself! 




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