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Mid-summer in Phoenix, AZ (read 110+ degrees) can make for some uncomfortable weather when it comes to wrenching on the Jeep.  Likewise, it can make it difficult to carry a concealed handgun without it printing.  Your collection of loose fitting shirts (that still fit loose) is limited and in some cases, not appropriate for the occasion.  You don't want an IWB holster for your Glock and there are times when a J-frame in the pocket may not be enough.  Any of this sound familiar?  It does to me.


I found an easy way to manage my Springfield XD and 27 rounds (a half box+) of .45ACP....all in an external holster that doesn't look anything like the rest of the holsters I own.  It's called the Safepacker and is one of the original products available from Wilderness Tactical Products


The Safepacker was developed by Ralph Holzhaus II (President of Wilderness Tactical Products) back in '78 to meet the physical rigors of high-angle mountain rescue.  It's available in several colors and is offered in a variety of sizes.  There is one small enough to fit that little Kel-Tec .380 and one big enough to handle an N-frame revolver or your long-slide 1911.  And for you south-paw shooters, don't worry....Wilderness has your back on that too. 


My Springfield XD45c and spare magazine, once in the Safepacker, simply does not print.  It is a holster that doesn't look like a holster.  The main pocket in the Safepacker has stitching that separates the magazine area from the weapon area.  Keeping both the handgun and the magazine from moving out of position ensures no lost time during deployment.  The Safepacker isn't like groping around in a backpack or purse, trying to locate the grip of your pistol.  It's provides a quick and SAFE method by which to bring your handgun into action.


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