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Safepacker Holster


The Safepacker is also about versatility (which means a bigger return on your investment) as it is more than just a daily carry holster, so to speak.


The Safepacker will also pull double duty at your bedside.  If you open the Safepacker and fold the top and the back flap together, you can tuck them between the box frame and mattress of your bed.  This leaves the Safepacker available for you to easily reach in the middle of the night when something goes bump.  It can be concealed with a bedspread if you are so inclined.


Speaking of night time and being in bed, attaching a carry strap to the D-rings makes an "all in one" package for a middle of the night problem.  The top strap allows you to attach your clip equipped tactical light (OK, mine predates having a clip) or perhaps your cell phone to the Safepacker.  This gives you a handgun, spare magazine, and flashlight/cell phone to put on over your pajamas should a situation arise.  No fumbling around looking for everything when the seconds count.

The Safepacker is also designed to work as part of a system to give you still more options.

Wilderness offers The Packer Backer which is designed as a platform to carry a Safepacker as you would carry a gun-carrying fanny pack. It works equally well for both right and left hand shooters and allows you to easily position the Safepacker at your 5 or 7 o'clock positions.  It looks like a fanny pack with the Safepacke secured in place. 

The 2nd option is the Safepacker's Runners Pack which has two standard bottle bags (it doesn't come with the bottles) with hook-and-loop straps to hold the bottles in place. It is basically a Packer Backer with onboard hydration.  For those that worry about how to carry when jogging, you now have a solution.


If the first two options don't fit your needs, check this out.  How about three sizes of briefcases with the ability to carry a Safepacker?  Your Safepacker is secured in a special external pocket, ready for immediate access with the buckle and flap exposed. They all have four "D" rings (only 2 are used, 2 are extras) for shoulder straps.  The sides are padded with 1/4" closed-cell foam and the body is lined with a polyethylene plastic core. Pretty cool! 

My next personal project is to find a good spot in my Jeep, other than the seatbelt, where I can easily stash the Safepacker when I am out on the trail.  I'm betting that the D-rings and a small strap will net me a secure yet accessible Safepacker installation.  So instead of a holster, it gets transformed into a mobile handgun case with a spare magazine along for the ride.  When I get to where I am going, the Safepacker goes with me since any Jeep owner knows that you don't leave your handgun unattended in the vehicle. 


That is about it.....you need to get yourself a Safepacker and see just what you can do with it.  Once you do, I'll guarantee you that it won't end up in the holster drawer....you'll be taking it with you.....and you better.....because leaving your carry gun at home doesn't help you out on the street.

Good luck and enjoy! 





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