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My Savage 10 FCP HS-Precision Rifle

Sharp Shooter Supply Savage 10 FCP extended magazine

The Savage 10 FCP uses a center feed magazine system.  The factory magazine is detachable and holds 4 rounds.  I decided to pick up a couple of extended magazines before the precision rifle course.  While Savage has no such thing available, a small Ohio based gun shop, called Sharp Shooter Supply, makes a 9 round detachable box magazine for the model 10 FCP.  I caught them with none in stock and it took several months (it got down to just a couple of days before I left for my rifle course) for them to build and ship them....but they made it.

Sharp Shooter Supply disassembled magzine

The extended magazine is made from a factory magazine plus a couple of extra parts.  Two factory springs are joined together to provide the appropriate spring tension.  The floor plate from the factory magazine is discarded and replaced with what amounts to an extended floor plate manufactured by Sharp Shooter Supply.  The factory magazine body interlocks with the extended base to keep everything together.  The factory magazine follower is also reused. 

Sharp Shooter Suppy's DBM in Savage 10 FCP

The 9 round extended magazine has an excellent fit in the Savage 10 FCP.  Since the factory body is reused, the feed lips are perfect and require no tweaking.   

Harris bipod on Savage 10 FCP 

The last addition to the Savage 10 FCP was a Harris Series S bipod.  The Series S style allows the shooter to swivel the rifle to either side for quick leveling on uneven ground.  Note that this is a kind of fine tuning that the adjustable legs simply can not provide.  This is accomplished through a hinged base with a tension adjustment.  The adjustable legs on the Harris bipod have notched positions that make for a very solid and repeatable configuration. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, this rifle will outshoot me in its current configuration with my hand loads.  I'm currently shooting a 175 grain Sierra Matching over a charge of Varget powder using Winchester brass and CCI primers.  My best group at the precision rifle course was 1.75" @ 400 yds, slightly better than a 1/2 MOA group.  I had others at distance that were MOA or better.  That being the first time I'd shot past 200 yards, I was very happy with what I shot.  I hope I can continue to improve on that. 


My best 100 yard 5 shot group to date was this one which I shot while working up hand loads.  I've had several 5 shot groups that measured less than .5" but this was the best so far.  The dime will cover all five holes and leave no ragged edges showing.

So, that is about it.  That is the current configuration for my Savage 10 FCP HS-Precision.  While there are many others out there that exceed my setup by a lot, I'm very satisfied with what I've got.  I think it will take a while until I'm ready to move on (if ever).  That won't happen until I can reliably shoot MOA out to 600 yds and beyond.




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