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Sidewinder for the XD9 Sub-Compact



The Springfield XD9 sub-compact pistol is a great shooting handgun.  I actually enjoy it more than I do my full sized XD9 4" model.  I have the factory spacers that allow me to use the same 16 round magazines I run in my full sized XD9.  During my last trip to Front Sight, I grabbed a half dozen magazine spacers and the XD9 sub-compact and packed it in my gear bag as a backup for my other XD9.  While it is rare for a Springfield XD to have a problem, why would one risk not taking a backup to a training class, especially when you have one available in the same caliber? 

So....if you are wondering what the XD9 sub-compact looks like in the Concealment Solutions holster, here it comes.


Sidewinder holster with Springfield XD9 pistol

CS did a nice job of forming the Kydex.  My vernier caliper indicates a Kydex thickness of .080".  It is attached to the leather using 3 rivets on either side of the holster.  In the past year that I've used this holster, there has been no indication of the rivets loosening.  It seems to be very sturdy and well assembled.  CS also offers the Sidewinder Zero model which employs a 0 degree cant, making it a vertical draw for the holster.

If you are really keen on retention, you probably will need to look elsewhere as there are no positive retention features.  If you insert the XD9 in the holster and then invert it, the XD9 will fall out.  Since I'm not a law enforcement officer and I don't stand on my head, I don't see this as a significant issue.  I've never had a retention issue with any handgun I've carried.

That is about it for now.  Not much else I can say about the holster besides the fact that it works as intended and is comfortable enough for me to wear all day.  I'll report back with an update should something change.





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