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Wilderness Tactical Loose Ammo Bag

For managing a handful of rifle magazines, I use Wilderness Tactical's Slimline Dump Pouch.  It also does a good job with shotgun shells too.  While the dump pouch works well 20 and 30 round AR magazines, magazines for my Springfield XD9 and XD45 kind of get swallowed up in dump pouch's "big black hole".  I was getting ready for another Front Sight training trip and needed something to hold my XD mags while I was on the firing line. 


I headed on over to see the folks at Wilderness (friendly they are) and picked up their loose ammo bag.  Did I mention they are located in Phoenix?  Designed to hold a box or two of loose cartridges, I was hoping it would also hold a couple of spare magazines and a mag loader all at the same time.  This was what I wanted for my upcoming Front Sight handgun skill builder course that I was taking the later part of March. 


The pouch mouth closes with a nylon cord and a cord-lock.  I wouldn't try standing on my hands and expect the loose rounds to stay put but the magazines will certainly be contained.  (I don't think it was designed to withstand any hand stands.)  The ammo bag is attached to your belt just like the Slimline dump pouch.  The wrap around belt loop is supplied with a generous helping of Velcro to ensure it won't be going anywhere without you firmly attached.


I got my shooting buddy to snap a pic of me with the pouch in use at the skill builder course.  I usually kept two magazines in the pouch along with my Uplula mag loader.  With two mags in my mag holder and two loaded mags in the pouch (with a box of loose 9mm rounds and the loader), I had no problems staying loaded at the firing line.  We shoot in two groups and so when the other group is shooting, I had ample opportunities to top off my mags while standing there observing my shooting buddy.  Like our instructor said, if you aren't shooting, you thumbing rounds into the magazines. 

How did the pouch work?  Quite well in my opinion.  I found it easier to drop a partial mag into the pouch during a tactical reload than fishing around for a clear shot into a 5.11 pocket.  Nothing fell out during the two day course.  Gravity does a nice job of keeping the bag in a more or less vertical position even when sitting down. 

In summary, I can say that it is being added to my Front Sight check list as one of the regular items that will make the trip anytime I am taking a handgun course.  I failed to mention that it is available in about 10 colors (including cammo)which means you can't use the "It clashes with my shooting gear" excuse anymore.  Pick one up....I think you'll find it a quality product at a reasonable price. 





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