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Giles Tactical Shotgun Sling

With an upcoming 4 day tactical shotgun class at Front Sight, I wanted a sling for my Benelli Super Nova.  My shooting buddy, GaryS, has taken the practical rifle class at Front Sight and indicated a tactical sling, while a bit more expensive, was a good investment that I wouldn't regret.  He talked me into it.

Gary was making a trip to Wilderness Tactical Products, located here in Phoenix, and said he would pick up a sling for me if I wanted him to.  Gary also has a Super Nova, his having the pistol grip stock.  What we didn't realize was that there was a slight difference in the sling attachment points of our two Super Novas.  Long story made short, the sling Gary picked up for me wouldn't work (at least not the way I wanted).

A few days later, I stopped by Wilderness to see if they had something else that would get me up and going.  I found the front office staff (two very nice ladies) to be most helpful (they both remembered Gary's visit).  After we discussed my needs, she took my Benelli into the back to consult with another person about possible options.  Five minutes later, she emerged from the back with my Benelli and a sling.  If I was willing to do a couple of small adjustments, she had a solution for me.  The sling kit was designed to accommodate a Rem 870/Mossberg 590.  Adapting it for the Super Nova would prove to be very easy.

The Super Nova with a standard stock has a sling attachment point on it.  However, using it leaves the sling attached  in a position that does not work properly with the Giles Tactical Sling.  Because of this, I needed to modify both sling mounts on the Super Nova.  After getting the sling for my shotgun, I put the Giles Tactical Sling on my Saiga. 223 AK conversion too. 

Let's start with the modifications needed for the sling mount used on the barrel.


The sling mount is designed to attach to the end of the magazine tube where the tube cap (or mag extension tube) screws onto the magazine tube.  Using the Rem 870 mount on the Super Nova caused the slightest amount of interference between the mount and the barrel. 


A couple of easy minutes with a rotary grinder took just enough of the metal off of the sling mount.  The mount is almost right for the Super Nova so don't get carried away and remove too much.  I did about three test fits and ended up with a nice snug fitting mount.


The sling mount even comes with a "ball bearing pass through" however it doesn't quite line up.  Such is the situation when adapting a part designed for another gun.  The little ball bearing is used to prevent the cap from loosing during the shooting (vibrations).  I don't think it will be an issue as there is some "clicking" that you can feel when tightening the cap. 

One mount taken care of....elapsed time, about 5 minutes (including a refill for my coffee cup).

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