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Giles Tactical Shotgun Sling

With the front sling mount taken care of, it was time to move on to the mount for the stock.  Gary's pistol grip stock has a molded sling mount in the stock through which the sling webbing nicely fits.  It is on the side of the stock and so aligns well with a side mounted sling mount.  (Gary used the same front mount as I did.)


Since I intended to drill a small hole in the stock, I removed the SuperNova's recoil pad to ensure I wasn't going to drill into something I would regret.  To remove the recoil pad, just pull it off.  There are no screws holding it in place.


I drilled a small hole directly behind the factory sling mount using the new rear sling attachment webbing as a template (which has a small hole in it).  I selected a drill bit sufficiently smaller than the stud to ensure maximum thread engagement when I screwed the stud into the stock. 


Here is the sling attachment webbing installed and the stud screwed into place to ensure the webbing does not slide or move around.  A Remington 870 has the same stud (from the factory).  I got this one from the folks at Wilderness (did I mention they had very good customer service?). 

So what does it look like once it is all strapped together?


My Benelli 12 gauge SuperNova with factory ghost ring sights and a new Giles Tactical Sling.....all ready for a trip to Front Sight. 

I'll be at the range this weekend checking out the Benelli and new sling.  I've no doubt it will meet my needs and then some.  If you need a quality sling (did I mention I thoroughly checked the sewing and found it to be very good), give the folks at Wilderness Tactical Products a try.  They have a great on-line catalog....and it's even better in person if you are local to the Phoenix area.  While you are there, pick up an Instructor Belt for your handgun....you won't regret it.  I love mine! 

Update  07/21/2008:

I realized that there will be times when I wish to have the SuperNova without the sling.  The sling works great at the range but if the shotgun is pressed into service for home defense duty, I don't want the sling catching on a door knob, end table, etc.  I could remove the screw in stud that holds the rear attachment point in place and then remove the front sling swivel but I wasn't crazy about the mounting stud going in and out of the stock that much.  The stock is not overly thick and slowly expanding the threads, over time, isn't an option.  A better solution is needed.

I decided that a slight modification to the sling and the acquisition of a buckle should give me a workable configuration.


As I wanted to keep the sling looking "original", so to speak, I stopped by Wilderness Tactical Products and talked with the folks at the front counter.  I got a matching Delrin buckle (like what is already on the sling) and home I went.  With a very small and sharp scissors, I cut the stitching that held the front swivel mount to the sling.  After cleaning up the thread stitches, I slipped the sling through the buckle, through the swivel, and once more back through the buckle. 

This setup will allow me to remove the sling and yet leave the rear sling attachment point in place which was my goal.  Yes, I could have gotten some pricier quick disconnect buckles but this one will do the job as far as I am concerned.  It takes all of about 30 seconds to remove or install it.

Update:  07/28/2008

After picking up my Nordic magazine extension, I realized I was not satisfied with the manner in which the magazine extension locked up when you tightened it.  It goes back to the front sling swivel not lining on that little ball bearing, which negates the spring loaded pin properly causing the extension (or factory tube cap) from locking up.


During a trip to the local ACE hardware store, I found the solution to my problem.  A simple 1" o-ring, 1" inside diameter, 1/8" thick.  The price was $.37 so I picked up two (just in case this worked, I wanted a range spare).  It was my plan to stack the o-ring on top of the sling swivel and then secure everything in place with the end cap (or magazine extension coupling sleeve).


Perfect fit!   I tried it at the range today.  A couple of boxes of shells (mix of buckshot, bridshot, and slugs) proved that everything held tight with no indication of anything loosening up.  With my new magazine extension installed, the factory cap is replaced by the extension's coupling sleeve which doesn't have the small teeth like the factory end cap  (the notches on the Nordic are further apart)  The o-ring worked great with the magazine extension too, which was a good thing since that will be on the SuperNova all of the time.





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