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Giles Tactical Sling for Saiga .223 AK Conversion Rifle

After I had completed my Saiga .223 AK conversion, it was time for a couple of extras.  I obtained a AK scope mount for the optics first and then focused on a quality sling.  Since I was totally satisfied with the Giles tactical sling that was on my Benelli SuperNova, I couldn't think of a reason not to get the same design for my Saiga conversion.  The same manual of arms for sling adjustment and use is a good thing as far as I am concerned. 

I got in touch with Wilderness Tactical Products to see if they had a configuration for the Saiga.  They were confident I could get the Saiga setup correctly.  Wilderness uses a modular sling design with the Giles Tactical Sling as the main component.  From there, appropriate attachments can be fitted to the sling to secure it to the specific weapon.  Designing the sling and attachments in this fashion provides for a quality product that properly fits the weapon.  I remember a sling on a shotgun at the Front SightTactical Shotgun course I attended last year.  Around day #3, the firing rate was beginning to ramp up and with it, the barrel temps.  One of those "universal slings" that attach to the barrel with what looked like paracord, suffered a complete meltdown.  So much for that one size fits all sling.  Do you want yours to fail in the middle of a scenario where your life may depend on it?  I know I don't.


Since Wilderness Tactical is local to me, I tossed the Saiga into the Jeep and headed over to their retail store.  A note of interest....while I was at the store, I got a chance to meet Giles Stock, the man that developed the Giles Tactical Sling.  Giles still teaches at Gunsite Academy near Prescott, Arizona.  Perhaps some day I'll be lucky enough to catch a Gunsite class and have him as an instructor.

After looking at the attachment points on my Saiga conversion (which are slightly different than a regular AK), it was decided that the Giles Sling and forward attachment adapter should get me up and running. 


Before rigging the sling, I laid it out next to the rifle in the approximate position that it would end up in once installed.  This makes it a little easier to visualize once the buckles are removed and everything gets confusing.  <grin>


My conversion uses a TAPCO stock which has the Saiga's rear swivel point mounted on the left side.  This swivel required no attachment adapter to connect it to the sling. 


After the strap is inserted through the rear swivel, a Delrin buckle is slipped onto the free end.  This buckle is used to prevent the slider buckle from traveling farther to the rear.  In doing so, it keeps the rifle properly supported at the chest.  This buckle will be adjusted later to help position the rifle.


The free end of the sling webbing is next passed through the slider buckle.  As the name implies, the slider moves freely between the end of the sling and the buckle placed on the strap to limit its travel.  This makes for fluid and dynamic sling movement as you transition from the carry to the weapon mounted position. 

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